Monday, March 11, 2013

I Have No Words

This will be my last post for a while as I need some time away. Last Monday we took our sweet Harry to the Veterinarian for a check-up because he had not been quite himself lately. He checked out well in the office but the Vet took blood to do some tests. On Wednesday we got "THE" phone call. Harry has Lymphoma. We do not know how long we have left with him, but we know it won't be very long or long enough. As most of you know, Harry is a big part of the process of taking my blog photos. It is just too hard right now to take photos. It is really hard just dealing with the knowledge that he will be gone too soon. We have never lost this many dogs in such a short time. Each one is like a child to us and ever so special in our hearts. Harry is such a clown and has brought so much happiness to us.

These outfit photos were taken before we knew the results of the test. As usual he was excited and racing about while we were taking pictures. It was hard to believe he is so ill. I am going to include more pictures today than I normally do. We did a couple of variations on the outfit. I actually wore it with the jacket, but wanted to show the blouse more so I put on the vest. The blouse is sheer with a print of tiny metallic gold squares.

Vest: HandMade by Carla's Creations
Blouse: JCPenney
Jeans: NYDJ

Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet on Left: Leighelena
Bracelet on Right: Noosa Amsterdam with
Chunks made by me from vintage buttons
Harry had thrown his toy down by the tripod,
hoping that DH would throw it for him to fetch.
I hope you will continue to follow me even though I may not post for a while. I will be back and now that my DH has retired, hopefully we will have time for more and better pictures.  I will be watching your blogs even if I may not comment often. I feel that I am part of a wonderful community with so many friends even if we have never met in person. Please visit Visible Monday this Monday and the ones that follow.