Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looks like fall

My outfit for today looks more like fall than winter with its fallen leaves colors. It was in the 60's today so we could do outdoor pictures.  I will be glad when I get my hair grown out a bit longer. It started really short, so it has grown a lot, but it is now at one of those stages where it drives me a bit nutty because the sides are shorter than the back. I have been tossing around the idea of going darker. My natural color was a medium brown. What do you think?

Jacket: ConradC from Dillards
Blouse: CJ Banks
Jeans: DG2 from HSN
Booties: Nine West
Harry is showing off his new haircut

Me and Harry
I think I had picked up a bug of some sort right after Christmas. Today was the first day that I felt back to normal. This time of year it seems like there are so many things going around and no matter how clean I keep my hands I seem to be inclined to catch whatever is out there. I hope all of you are staying well!

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I wore for Christmas Day

We had a lovely Christmas. I wore this black and white outfit. Not Christmas colors, but I thought it looked nice anyway. The jacket has silver threads in it, so it had a festive look.
Jacket: Chico's
Blouse: CJ Banks
Jeans: FDJ
Shoes: Naot
Monogram Pendant: Max&Chloe
This past week I received the monogram pendant I ordered from Max&Chloe. I have coveted one ever since I saw Blair of Atlantic-Pacific wearing one. I chose this silver pendant that I could wear on my round omega necklace.

Patti of Not Dead Yet Style posted about whether or not we stray from our style. I am still not sure I know what my style is, but I am beginning to think it is Classic with a Twist. I find myself attracted to very classic styles like what I have on in this post. But I also like bright colors, funky patterns, black leather jackets, and biker boots.

Katy at ModlyChic asked if our style icons are celebrities or bloggers. I've thought about it and I've decided that my style icons are all bloggers that I follow. There are so many who inspire me daily.

Megan of Megan Mae Daily is one of my favorite bloggers. While her style is uniquely Megan, I am inspired by her. She is such a kind person who recently gave me the Liebster blog award. To quote Megan Mae:

"Liebster means "dearest" in German, and this award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The stipulations of the award are as follows:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you. [ Thanks, Megan! ]
2. Reveal your 5 blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you have sent the award to will forward it to their favorite bloggers."
I nominate:

The Wilted Magnolia
The Frump Factor

If you weren't listed, it doesn't mean that I don't love your blog too. Most of my favorites have already been given this award or have more than 100 followers. 

Have you given thought to who inspires your style?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Black with a touch of cream

First, I would like to apologize for not having a picture of my nail polish yesterday. I swear it WAS there, but it disappeared when I published the post.

Yesterday's nail polish.
It was hot pink not orange and had silver glitter.
Do you ever look at pictures of your hands and think "how did they get so old and wrinkly looking?"  I read once that the reason your hands start looking so wrinkly is that you lose fat in your hands. You can get something injected into your hands to add volume and make them look younger, but I don't think I would ever do that even if I had the money to do so.

Today's outfit is one that is comfortable for a day spent mostly at home due to the cold rain we had. This necklace is another one that I only wear during the holidays.
Sweater: Chico's
Jeans: FDJ
Necklace: Chico's
Zebra Socks

Chico's necklace
 Yesterday after I posted my blog entry, I chipped my nail polish. I wish I knew why I cannot seem to get more than about a day and a half out of a manicure without it chipping. I use base and top coat, but it still chips. Today's polish is Zoya Reva. It is a deep berry color that with gold metallic sparkle.

Zoya Reva
I took several pictures before I realized that the gold color
I was seeing was a result of the gold glitter in the polish.
I had an appointment at the consignment shop to drop off clothes today. It ended up that they only wanted 2 jackets and told me to bring the others back nearer spring. They had too many jackets. I wish I had known that before I took every thing over there in the rain only to bring it back home. I did get a check for $10.00 for some blouses I had taken over there. It seems the blouses sell better than the jackets. For those of you who do consigning, how much of what you take do they accept for sale?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Glitter in the air on a Visible Monday

"Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?" is a line from a song "Glitter in the Air" by Pink. She is probably my favorite female music artist. I watched a concert of hers last night on TV. It and my glittery pink finger nails inspired today's post. I know that women of a certain age have been told not to wear glitter nail polish by the AAFP (Age Appropriate Fashion Police.)  I adore seeing glitter nail polish and I am wearing it regardless and enjoying it. Mine is hot pink with silver glitter. The pink polish is Samantha from Julep and the glitter is Sparkling from Revlon. It looks more orangey in this picture, but it is a true hot pink.

Hooray, I finally found a bow blouse that I have been wanting for a couple of months and a bonus is that it is polka dot which I also wanted. I was thinking I would never find one my size. The jacket is one of my very favorite jackets and it's from Walmart. It just goes to show that a well made stylish piece of clothing does not have to be really expensive. I wish that this picture was clearer to show the lovely details of this jacket. I also found some cherry red cords. I was beginning to think that I would never find red pants. A bonus is they were 40% off at Talbot's.
Jacket: George from Walmart
Blouse: CJ Banks
Jeans: Cherry Red Cords from Talbots
Shoes: Payless
Pins on lapel & pockets: Vintage Rhinestones

Vintage Brooch, It looks better in person, not so discolored.

Please keep an eye out for this jacket in dark blue.
It has soft shirred fabric on the lapels and the pockets.
 When I bought this jacket, it also came in a navy blue. If any of you who thrift find it in navy blue in a size 18 and it is in good shape, $10 or less, get it for me and I will pay you for it and the shipping. I wish I had bought it. I know you aren't supposed to buy multiples, but I have gotten so much good out of this jacket and I know navy would be a wardrobe staple as well.

I am participating in Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday. Please stop by there and see all the lovely participants.

For those of you who gave me excellent feedback on the sweater set I requested advice on--I decided to take it back. As Margaret said, if you have any question about it, it probably was not something you loved. She was right. I did like it a lot but it did not zing like the richer more jewel toned colors do on me. I don't regret taking it back at all. Thank you all for the great advice!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rainy Wednesday OOTD & Advice request

We received a little over an inch of much needed rain today. The day turned out to be really pretty and more spring-like than winter. I went to my favorite Barbeque restaurant, Delano BBQ, for lunch with my best friend. As I was getting ready to go, I thought of how much I used to enjoy getting ready to go to work; deciding what to wear and what accessories to add to the outfit. I do miss that part of going to work (the actual work, not so much.) 

I am sure it is no surprise that I am wearing a jacket today. The collar on this jacket is really cute. I am not sure exactly how it is made, but it  has a ruffled collar which adds a lot to the jacket. I got the jacket for 70% off at CJBanks. It is from a new line they had that evidently did not go over very well. The jacket has some really cute detailing that I really liked. I don't think I would have bought it at the original price, but for 70% off, I like it a lot. In real life, the purple in the jacket is much brighter than it appears here.  Oh, and I did not put my shoes back on for the pictures. So, you are going to see my socks with little fuzzy lambs on them. Stacy and Clinton don't like funny socks, but I do.

Jacket: CJBanks
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
FDJ Corduroy jeans
My fuzzy lamb socks

Necklace: Chico's
You can see the collar detail here much better.

I need some advice on whether or not I should keep the sweater and top shown below. I am not sure if the color is really good for me. I love the look of the sweater with the ruffles and the tiny copper metallic threads through it. I guess I am attracted to shiny things! I have had the pieces for a couple of days, but just cannot make up my mind about them. I used the same necklace I had on for my other outfit, and I probably would not wear it with this outfit.
Sweater, Top, and Necklace: Chico's
Harry who insisted on being in the pictures today.
(He always wants to be in them, but his mean people don't always let him.)
 So, do you think I should keep the sweater and top or return them?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A stay at home outfit & unrequited dreams

This outfit is pretty bland because I just stayed in the house and did nothing exciting. I thought about not posting it, but then decided that as a fashion blogger I should at least post even if it is a boring everyday outfit. I had to put on shoes because I generally don't wear shoes in the house. The jeggings look black in the photo, but they are dark blue.
Jacket: Talbots
Top: Chico's
Jeggings: JMS
Shoes: Naot
It seems that Christmas is just sneaking up on me this year. I just don't seem to have much holiday spirit. Last year when I was still working, it seemed that we were always busy with someone bringing treats or going out to dinner with our group. Maybe that is why this year seems to be a bit of a let down.

I sent my Fiorentini + Baker boots back. I decided that I wanted boots that fit without having to do something to hide the fact that they did not fit. It was hard to do it because I really loved the look of them. Well, if nothing else, it gives me the opportunity to start the search for a new dream boot. Sometimes I think dreaming is better than the reality of obtaining an elusive object.

Here is another one of my elusive dream objects. A Chopard Happy watch. I am relatively certain that it shall remain elusive forever. But it is a mighty pretty dream.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Visible Monday - Silver and rose edition

Visible Monday #25, my goodness, how time flies! For this VM, I am wearing a sparkly silver gray sweater and my rose color jeans. I have been planning on wearing this sweater for quite a while and today was the day.

Earlier this fall, I saw a silver metallic sweater from H&M that I just loved. So, I started on the hunt for something similar. I found this one at the 1/2 of 1/2 price store. It's a Ralph Lauren from last season that had a couple of pulls on it which I fixed with a snag puller. The jeans are from Chico's. The one thing I don't like about Chico's jeans is that the sizing is inconsistent. I would love to be able to buy a pair of the same style in the same size every time.  I got these in an online sale for an extra 30% off. By the time I got them, the smaller size was sold out. I like the color and I can probably take them in some to make them fit a bit better.  Why oh why can manufacturers not make a specific size the same size every time?

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Jeans: Chico's
Scarf: Chico's
Booties: Not Too Coy

My nail polish for the last couple of days is Revlon Carbonite.

I am having so much fun with nail polish. The polish I am wearing right now is Revlon Carbonite. It is a dark pewter metallic color and has tiny silver and gold sparkles.  It is supposed to be a duplicate for the Chanel Graphite polish. It is certainly close from the swatches I have seen and for 1/5th the price, a darn good one. So far, no chips and only tip wear. That is considerably better than I got from the Chanel polish or the OPI. I think that my nails are a colorful accessory to my outfit. I do realize that I can now spend time on polish since my retirement. If I were still working, I probably would not be polishing as it takes me a long time to do a manicure on myself.

Please visit Not Dead Yet Style to see what all the Visible Monday women are wearing today. If you haven't joined us before, please consider taking part in this fun weekly posting. By participating, I have met some ladies whose style I greatly admire that I might not have discovered without it.

First, I would like to say Thank you for your nice comments about one of my other passions Native American and Western art. I decided not to post any more pictures of my home decor. If you are interested in seeing more of it, please email me privately at sheaccessorizeswell @ and I will send you pictures of more of my collection. I know everyone is not interested in Native American art and I don't want to post things people are not interested in.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fuchsia Friday

Today I went to lunch with a friend and then to Ulta to exchange a nail polish. The jacket I wore appears to be a very, very bright fuchsia. It is fuchsia, but not as bright as it looks in the pictures (I think that is due to the flash.) The jacket has a really neat wired collar so you can form it however you wish and it will stay that way. I had on bright turquoise blue nail polish which I did not have photographed because it chipped while I was shopping. I have to say that I am not that impressed with OPI polish because so far all the OPI polishes I have used on my finger nails start chipping after just two days. It seems to be okay on toes, but for me, not on fingers. I am going to try some other brands (Orly, Zoya, Julep, Nubar) that I had not heard of before starting to look at nail blogs (yep, there are blogs about everything including nail polish.)

Jacket: Chico's
Necklace: Chico's
Blouse: Dillards
JMS Jeggings
Shoes: Boutique 9
I forgot to have my photographer take a photo of my necklace. It is a very sparkly necklace with different jewel tone crystals. It is another one I usually only wear during the winter holiday season.

The artwork I will share with you today is a very old piece from 1929. I received it from a family friend who was cleaning out a relative's estate. The story is that it was given as a gift to the lady in 1929 after she had been in the hospital. It is a bit faded and discolored, but I love it and it has a prominent spot in our den where I see it daily.

The things hanging on either side of the canvas are buffalo tails. I know that might disturb some of you, but these are authentic Native American made items. The Native Americans used every part of the buffalo and the tails were used as fly swatters. I would guess that they saw the buffalo using their tails to swat flies and so they adapted the tails for their own use.

I hope you are enjoying the art work and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A lazy Thursday & Blackbear Bosin artwork

Today I did not change out of my yoga clothes after class. I just did a few things around the house and read blog posts. So, I do not have an outfit to show you. I will show you more of my collection.

Blackbear Bosin prints
Top print is "The Challenge"
Bottom print is my favorite " Wichita, My Son"
It shows Native Americans from the past looking into the the city as it would be in the future.
 From Wikipedia "Blackbear Bosin (June 5, 1921–August 9, 1980) was a Comanche-Kiowa sculptor and painter also known as Tsate Kongia." He lived in Wichita from the 1940's until his death in 1980.  He lived not too far from where we did in the 1970's and we would often see him walking in the neighborhood. He is one of my favorite artists.

He created a sculpture called "Keeper of the Plains" which stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers. (Note: In Kansas, the Arkansas river is the R-Kan-sas not R-Kan-saw.)  It sits near the Mid-America All-Indian Center, which has a wonderful museum. The Keeper was placed on a man-made promontory and there are firepots which surround it that are lit at different times of the evening. It is a beautiful sight to see. I've included links so that you can find out more if you would like. The Keeper is a much loved symbol of Wichita's heritage.

From Wikipedia
From Kansas Travel

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I wore on Wednesday

My outfit today was simple and easy to throw together to go run a few errands. It was extremely cold early this morning so I dressed with a coat and scarf over my light weight leather jacket. As it grew warmer, I took the coat (not shown) and scarf off as seen in the second picture. 

Since I am wearing a furry scarf, I will be joining up with Tammy @ Silverstyle's Trending through the Decades - fur faux real?
Jacket: Chico's
Sweater: Sams Club
JMS Leggings
Walking Cradles Shoes
Fur Scarf: Aspen Boutique
Outfit without scarf

Today I am going to share a couple of photos of some of the Native American art I have in my living room.
On the top 2 rungs on the kiva ladder are authentic navajo made rugs. The peach and blue
blanket is a 40's piece. Most of the things you see here are native made, but a couple are not. The afghan over the chair was made for me by my Grandmother. The fabric on the chair is of cave painting animals. You will see in some of my later photos, I love petroglyphs and cave painting.
A closer look. (the flat spiral basket was made in India not the US)
When I was taking these pictures I realized that I have some really beautiful pieces of art. It is easy to become accustomed to seeing things in your home and not taking the time to appreciate their beauty. When I was taking the pictures I stopped to really admire what I have accumulated over the years (lots of years!). Take a moment to look at the beauty around you.
"Looking for and enjoying beauty is a way to nourish the soul." Matthew Fox

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OOTD and we had our first snow today

Today we had a light dusting of snow. Just enough to make it slick but not enough to really count as precipitation which we need a lot. I stayed in until noon when I went to get my hair cut. The temperature with the wind chill was less than 20 degrees. Too darn cold!

Today I am participating in the Neutrals Challenge hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki. Tomorrow is brown day(darn it I thought it was today, but today is gray, oh well, it is Wednesday somewhere in the world right now.) I combined both black and brown to go with a sweater that has both black and brown in its tweedy fabric.

Ruffled Sweater: Aspen Boutique
Blouse: Chico's
Jeans: FDJ
Necklace: Chico's
(I had boots on but did not want to put them back on to take the
I polished my nails with my new Chanel Peridot polish. The following picture does not do the polish any justice. It is just beautiful. It is an iridescent polish which changes from green to gold depending on the angle and light. The polish looks kind of funny in the picture, but in person it is really pretty.

Chanel Peridot Polish
 I am really having fun with the different polishes. I ordered some from a company called Nubar that I will share with you when I get them. They have very good reviews so I am anxious to get them.

Yesterday I told you I would start sharing some photos of my Native American art with you. I decided to do one or two a day rather than all at once. Today I am featuring a 'shadow box' of Anasazi pottery sherd's. I love pottery. While I can not afford a piece of Anasazi pottery, I did find this picture on ebay that was created with sherd's that are several hundred years old. I have this in my bathroom. I know you probably think that is a bit crazy, but my whole house is decorated with Native art and I am in the bathroom a number of times a day so I can enjoy seeing this often. I love thinking of the people who created a utilitarian object so long ago and spent time making them beautiful.

Anasazi Pottery Sherds
 Now, for my new boots. I have been wanting these Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots for several years. My dear husband told me to order them for my Christmas present. I got them today but I am not sure I will keep them. They are soft as they can be, comfortable, beautifully made, and the coolest looking boots ever. However, most manufacturers make the calf of the boot way too small for me. I wanted to wear these over my jeans but they are too small through the calf for that. My calf's are not that big!  It breaks my heart as I wanted them so much.  Have you ever wanted something so much and when you finally got it you were disappointed?
Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boots

Monday, December 5, 2011

Visible Monday in Black - What I wore to the Dentist

It's Visible Monday #24! Today I am participating in both Visible Monday with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style and with Megan Mae for Neutrals Week. I had to go to the Dentist to get started on a crown. Today was the temporary crown and the torture part. I am still numb so my face my look a bit more wonky than normal. I am wearing a headband today inspired by Pam @ Over50Feeling40. This particular headband is known as a Dolly Bow or Bunny Ears headband. It has wire inside it and you can take the ends and make bunny ears, but only if you are much younger than I. I found several different ones at the Dollar Store, so you will be seeing them occasionally. They would be very easy to make and I may try my hand at making a few once I get out the sewing machine and actually do something other than look at it.

Jacket: Jones NY
Lace Tee over Chico's Black Tee
Jeans: FDJ
Shoes: Helle Comfort
Headband: Wired Dolly Bow from the Dollar Store

Bracelet: HRH Collection
Michele Watch
OPI Polish: Pompeii Purple
I would not recommend this OPI polish. I have had it on for two days and it is already coming off the tips of my fingers. I am really enjoying polishing my nails. It makes me feel very visible and very feminine. I have been reading some blogs on nails and have learned a number of things that I never knew before. For example, you really are not supposed to put the polish all the way down to the cuticle. I never knew that. I have also been finding out about the best top coats and the most coveted polishes. The Chanel Peridot seems to be the most sought after polish right now. It is gorgeous! I think I'll wear it tomorrow and try a new top coat that I read about.

Tomorrow I will also start showing some of my Native American art. I started taking some pictures, but they did not look the way I wanted them to so I will try again to get some better photos.

Please visit  Visible Monday and Fashion Challenge Neutrals Week to see what everyone is wearing.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Golden Sparkles on a gray day

Today was a cold, overcast day and I spent most of it cleaning house and I definitely was not wearing this outfit for cleaning. Every Friday night my husband and I go to a local restaurant, The Copper Oven, to eat Fried Chicken. It has become our regular Friday night dinner. The dogs love it too as they get a good part of my dinner in theirs every Friday.  They are so excited when I walk in the door with the baggies full of goodies. Barking and jumping around like silly dogs. I think they enjoy the dinner more than we do.

None of the pictures came out very good today.  This one looks like I have arrow feathers coming out my arm, but it was about the best of the ones we took, so here it is:
Jacket: Chico's
Top: Chico's
Jeans: FDJ
Shoes: Naot

The jacket is a black background with dark gold metallic threads and has dark gold ornaments sewn on the bodice.

I thought I would also show you what my nail polish looks like today. I put Chanel Peridot polish over the top of the gold OPI polish. The Peridot polish changes from gold to green depending on how the light hits it.

Several of you asked about my Indian picture that shows up all of my indoor photos. I purchased it without a frame at a flea market for $5.00. I thought the colors were striking and the subject fit right into my decor. I had it framed, which cost way more than the picture. The painting is signed Margie Jones, 1982.  I know nothing else about it, but I do enjoy seeing it every day. Would any of you be interested in seeing some of my other art of and/or created by Native Americans? I have been collecting for quite a while and have some unique pieces--nothing really valuable except to me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Lunch with a BFF

I wore this outfit to lunch with a friend. It is nice to get out and share a meal with someone that you enjoy visiting with. It is easy to lose contact with people after you retire. It seems as though many of the people that you spent time with every day at work just disappear from your life once you retire. Everyone says they will get together with you for lunch, but no one calls. I know they are busy with their own lives as I was when I worked. That is why I cherish the few who make the effort to really stay in touch and invite me to lunch occasionally.

Today I decided to add some holiday touches to my outfit. I am wearing a necklace that I usually wear only during the holidays along with a crushed velvet blazer that seems appropriate only in December through February.

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Chico's
Necklace: Chico's
Jeans: French Dressing Jeans
Shoes: Zeeta (no longer manufactured)

Somehow between the first picture and the later pictures my hair got
messed up. You can sure see the gray underneath by my temples.
I sure wish that all of my hair was that color.

Chico's necklace
 I never really noticed before but the necklace seems to be missing an ornament on the chain by the heart. I think I will need to add something to it to make it look better. Once again a photo shows something not noticed in real life.

While we were taking the pictures, my husband said "I wish we knew who that Indian is supposed to be, because he is always watching over you". I love the picture because he looks so sad yet wise as if he has learned a lot from all of the challenges he faced in his lifetime. At least that is what I imagine when I see the picture.

I will leave you today with a quote about the past that I really like.
What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now.  ~Author Unknown