Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OOTD and we had our first snow today

Today we had a light dusting of snow. Just enough to make it slick but not enough to really count as precipitation which we need a lot. I stayed in until noon when I went to get my hair cut. The temperature with the wind chill was less than 20 degrees. Too darn cold!

Today I am participating in the Neutrals Challenge hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki. Tomorrow is brown day(darn it I thought it was today, but today is gray, oh well, it is Wednesday somewhere in the world right now.) I combined both black and brown to go with a sweater that has both black and brown in its tweedy fabric.

Ruffled Sweater: Aspen Boutique
Blouse: Chico's
Jeans: FDJ
Necklace: Chico's
(I had boots on but did not want to put them back on to take the
I polished my nails with my new Chanel Peridot polish. The following picture does not do the polish any justice. It is just beautiful. It is an iridescent polish which changes from green to gold depending on the angle and light. The polish looks kind of funny in the picture, but in person it is really pretty.

Chanel Peridot Polish
 I am really having fun with the different polishes. I ordered some from a company called Nubar that I will share with you when I get them. They have very good reviews so I am anxious to get them.

Yesterday I told you I would start sharing some photos of my Native American art with you. I decided to do one or two a day rather than all at once. Today I am featuring a 'shadow box' of Anasazi pottery sherd's. I love pottery. While I can not afford a piece of Anasazi pottery, I did find this picture on ebay that was created with sherd's that are several hundred years old. I have this in my bathroom. I know you probably think that is a bit crazy, but my whole house is decorated with Native art and I am in the bathroom a number of times a day so I can enjoy seeing this often. I love thinking of the people who created a utilitarian object so long ago and spent time making them beautiful.

Anasazi Pottery Sherds
 Now, for my new boots. I have been wanting these Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots for several years. My dear husband told me to order them for my Christmas present. I got them today but I am not sure I will keep them. They are soft as they can be, comfortable, beautifully made, and the coolest looking boots ever. However, most manufacturers make the calf of the boot way too small for me. I wanted to wear these over my jeans but they are too small through the calf for that. My calf's are not that big!  It breaks my heart as I wanted them so much.  Have you ever wanted something so much and when you finally got it you were disappointed?
Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boots


  1. Ah, sorry about your beloved boots! It seems that many brands are cut too slim in the calf. These are soooo good-looking too! Perhaps this designer has another boot that you'll like (almost) as much? Also, Zappos lets you search for boots by width, so perhaps you'll find some there.

    Love your shadow box of sherds - I've never seen one like it. I, too, use our bath as an art gallery -- why not?? : >

  2. Wear them with a skirt! wouldn't you be the talk of the town!
    There are many things I would want if I didn't have a frugal mentality. One would be a Louis Vuitton bag. Oh, well...........life is good

  3. I love tweedy sweaters! And those boots are wicked cool

  4. The boots look great. If you had black socks on you wouldn't even notice the slight gap at the top. Unless it would drive you crazy just knowing it was there. In which case, send 'em back and keep shopping- it's not like there aren't enough boot choices out there- you should have something that makes you perfectly happy. Thanks for your recent compliments and encouragement.

  5. I'm excited to hear about your polish experiments. I have a difficult relationship with nail poilsh. I think it looks so beautiful and sophisticated but I can't take the upkeep and I can't stand it when it's not perfect. But I admire the hell out of others who can wear it. Maybe I can live vicariously through you?

  6. Debbie darling thank you so much for the offer on the shoes. Rats, I am a 5.5 to a 6. I am going to have to shop for tapestry shoes so that I can try them on. Thank you so much very sweet of you. I am smitten by your native american artwork. That pottery from what I can see was probably so beautiful. I love pottery too. I collect McCoy and Roseville. I know what you mean about boots that don't fit the calf...I have that problem. It is a shame because the are awesome looking boots. So hip...love em. Well, have a great day and thanks again. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. Debbie, your hands are so pretty....I love this color on you! I like the boots, but I've gone through the exact same thing. I've been so excited about something because I built it up in my head so much, only to be disappointed. The bright side is, you get to keep looking and sometimes the fun is in the search!! BTW, love that pottery sherds picture! It's so cool and what an amazing piece of history! Hugs! ~Serene

  8. You look cozy and warm in your pretty sweater! I love looking at your artwork..what talent..bring on more,please!

  9. Hey I say just wear grey another day! The brown looks excellent. That sweater is so cozy looking. Ooooh noo! I'm so sorry to hear the boots don't fit you. I had a similar thing with my Fluevog black pumps. They were super comfy, gorgeous, but the only ones left in my size were a 1/2 size too big. I wore them a handful of times, but ultimately put them up on ebay.

    Maybe see if you can find a cobbler who can add something to the shaft to make them work?

  10. That's an excellent way to use pottery shards. Did they come from Mesa Verde? Are they legal?

  11. Love that Chanel polish! WOW at the piece of art. Fabulous! Kiah

  12. OK, first off I don't wanna hear you complain about the cold!! haha...I'll trade you cold weather for colder weather!!
    Second, I LOVE those boots! But I am so sad to hear the dilema :(
    And finally I love that nail polish...it's such a great colour

  13. Sweet boots! You need to show those babies off with a skirt or skinnies.

  14. I feel for you about the boots. I love boots but I have one leg that is problematic and swells. Boots are pretty much out of the question unless they are wide calf (very wide) and can be adjusted. It is too unfair. I dream of having a beautiful pair of cowboy boots custom made to accomadate my fool leg.