Monday, December 19, 2011

Glitter in the air on a Visible Monday

"Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?" is a line from a song "Glitter in the Air" by Pink. She is probably my favorite female music artist. I watched a concert of hers last night on TV. It and my glittery pink finger nails inspired today's post. I know that women of a certain age have been told not to wear glitter nail polish by the AAFP (Age Appropriate Fashion Police.)  I adore seeing glitter nail polish and I am wearing it regardless and enjoying it. Mine is hot pink with silver glitter. The pink polish is Samantha from Julep and the glitter is Sparkling from Revlon. It looks more orangey in this picture, but it is a true hot pink.

Hooray, I finally found a bow blouse that I have been wanting for a couple of months and a bonus is that it is polka dot which I also wanted. I was thinking I would never find one my size. The jacket is one of my very favorite jackets and it's from Walmart. It just goes to show that a well made stylish piece of clothing does not have to be really expensive. I wish that this picture was clearer to show the lovely details of this jacket. I also found some cherry red cords. I was beginning to think that I would never find red pants. A bonus is they were 40% off at Talbot's.
Jacket: George from Walmart
Blouse: CJ Banks
Jeans: Cherry Red Cords from Talbots
Shoes: Payless
Pins on lapel & pockets: Vintage Rhinestones

Vintage Brooch, It looks better in person, not so discolored.

Please keep an eye out for this jacket in dark blue.
It has soft shirred fabric on the lapels and the pockets.
 When I bought this jacket, it also came in a navy blue. If any of you who thrift find it in navy blue in a size 18 and it is in good shape, $10 or less, get it for me and I will pay you for it and the shipping. I wish I had bought it. I know you aren't supposed to buy multiples, but I have gotten so much good out of this jacket and I know navy would be a wardrobe staple as well.

I am participating in Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday. Please stop by there and see all the lovely participants.

For those of you who gave me excellent feedback on the sweater set I requested advice on--I decided to take it back. As Margaret said, if you have any question about it, it probably was not something you loved. She was right. I did like it a lot but it did not zing like the richer more jewel toned colors do on me. I don't regret taking it back at all. Thank you all for the great advice!


  1. I've never been able to wear a bow blouse with any conviction, but you make it look fun here. And what a pretty vintage brooch!

  2. You have found *lots* of things you've been looking for, Debbi - and put them together beautifully. Love the bow-blouse. And I am going to borrow your phrase "Age Appropriate Fashion Police" : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, I appreciate you.

  3. Nice looking pants!

    I think that's an excellent principle about returns - when in doubt you've made your decision.

  4. OMG, you have the best style. I love the polka dot bow blouse with the red cords. The graphic punch of print is so incredible. Probably a good call on the sweater set. There are always more clothes out there, find what you really love.

    I don't always advocate "multiples" in a wardrobe, but sometimes owning one or two things in multiples can create some wardrobe continuity. Although, personally, I find I wear a certain color more often then I do the other when I buy multiples.

  5. This is a great look...I really like the red pants with the polka dots. I recently found a bow blouse as well...I really like them and this one is a keeper!!

  6. Everything about this outfit has me smiling. The polka dots, the red pants, the vintage rhinestones, the curve flattering jacket, the sweet shoes. I love it all. You look wonderful.

  7. I love the blouse! It looks wonderful with the red cords...and the flats are pretty perfect!

  8. I love your brooch and your jacket and you look gorgeous!
    Thanks for the visit and the prayers I do appreciate it much!


  9. Where is the close up of your nail polish?! Love this post Debbi. I love that brooch! Wish some of us older women were more centrally located to each other. I think that we would all have a blast if we were to get together!

  10. Hi Debbie - I love Pink too! Ever watch her Funhouse tour? I wish I could have been at that concert! I often buy multiples because its hard for me to find things I really like. You look very festive!!

  11. Need to see more of that nail polish darling Debbie. I only saw a glimpse. Your pin and shoes are so pretty and sparkly. Saw you at visible monday. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. Great jacket, fit nicely into her red pants...I greet...

  13. Pink has an amazing voice and Glitter in the Air is such a beautiful song. So glad you're rocking the glitter nail polish!
    And I must say, you look fantastic! I love every single element of this outfit. You're so holiday ready!

  14. Gorgeous polkadot blouse, and gorgeous YOU!!!

  15. Hi Debbie, love a polka dot anytime, your blouse is really cute, very hard to find - i am looking for one myself - it would have been fun to see more of your nail polish


  16. Debbie, I love your vintage brooch, but then I am a sucker for rhinestones. I looked for the jeggings you told me about in Wal-mart. Alas, as usual, our store doesn't carry what everyone else does (or they are sold out, grr). I admire your courage to wear they red trousers. They look great.

  17. What a fun brooch. Thanks so much for showing off your style and linking up on Monday Mingle.