Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I wore on Wednesday

My outfit today was simple and easy to throw together to go run a few errands. It was extremely cold early this morning so I dressed with a coat and scarf over my light weight leather jacket. As it grew warmer, I took the coat (not shown) and scarf off as seen in the second picture. 

Since I am wearing a furry scarf, I will be joining up with Tammy @ Silverstyle's Trending through the Decades - fur faux real?
Jacket: Chico's
Sweater: Sams Club
JMS Leggings
Walking Cradles Shoes
Fur Scarf: Aspen Boutique
Outfit without scarf

Today I am going to share a couple of photos of some of the Native American art I have in my living room.
On the top 2 rungs on the kiva ladder are authentic navajo made rugs. The peach and blue
blanket is a 40's piece. Most of the things you see here are native made, but a couple are not. The afghan over the chair was made for me by my Grandmother. The fabric on the chair is of cave painting animals. You will see in some of my later photos, I love petroglyphs and cave painting.
A closer look. (the flat spiral basket was made in India not the US)
When I was taking these pictures I realized that I have some really beautiful pieces of art. It is easy to become accustomed to seeing things in your home and not taking the time to appreciate their beauty. When I was taking the pictures I stopped to really admire what I have accumulated over the years (lots of years!). Take a moment to look at the beauty around you.
"Looking for and enjoying beauty is a way to nourish the soul." Matthew Fox


  1. Debbi, your collections are so beautiful. I love that it has taken you years to assemble them - that each piece must be special to you. I love the rugs so much -- I have owned pale imitations of these, but none so beautiful.

    Love your furry scarf too.

  2. Debbi, a very nice reminder to stop and smell the roses!
    I love your scarf! thank you so much for linking up...............

  3. That sequin jacket is amazing and I want one! WOW! You have more "Native" stuff in your home that I do! haha I actually don't have anything. My favorite pieces are the rugs and the pottery. Kiah

  4. How cool to take a moment and realize the beauty that already surrounds you! Love this fur scarf! It makes your outfit so glamorous!

  5. Furry collar and a sequined jacket? I think I'm in love! You have an incredible art collection. It's all very culturally rich and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  6. Oooh! I want a fake fur scarf like that! I'm allergic to real fur, but I love the look.

  7. All of your art is really taking me back! I grew up with a lot of similar pieces (in Wichita). I wish my mom still had more of it. I think most of our indian pieces are at my dad's house.