Monday, June 27, 2011

My first blog

This is my very first blog and let me say I am a bit apprehensive. I read a lot of fashion and weight loss blogs and see that some bloggers have faced criticism. It is a bit scary to put oneself out here for everyone to see. But, since this is visible Monday, I am going to take a chance.  I got the name of my blog from a very nice lady I used to work with named Sherry. She made a remark one day that I always accessorized well, thus the name of my blog.

I don't have a really good camera to use for self-portraits and rarely have anyone to take the photos of me in my outfits. So, mostly, I will take Polyvore type layouts, which I think will give me a better opportunity to actually do some accessorizing examples.

About Me: I am well over 50 and plus size. I carry my weight mostly in my middle. It wasn't always that way, but after developing asthma as an adult and taking steroids multiple times, my weight started going up and around.  I am a breast cancer survivor and had a bilateral mastectomy in 2002. I chose not to have reconstruction, which I do not regret. It does cause me to have a lot more difficulty in finding tops and jackets. If you are plus sized, manufacturers think you have large breasts. Princess seams look great on large busts, but awful on someone with a concave chest.

When I put this outfit on, I thought I looked pretty nice. In looking at the photo, I decided it was not the best look for me as it puts much too much emphasis on the middle that I am trying to disguise. Nevertheless, I do think the look is pretty. 

Tank: Chico's microfiber tank
Top: Coldwater Creek past season.
Jeans: DG by Diane Gilman for HSN Cargo jeans
Jewelry: Bracelets made by me and the necklace from a local boutique
Shoes: Think! Julia sandals


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