Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding inexpensive accessories & today's outfit

I think that half the fun of accessorizing is finding really cool accessories that are inexpensive. Yesterday, I went to Forever21. I don't go there for the clothes, but sometimes they do have some inexpensive, trendy accessories. I bought 4 necklaces for $20.00.  Compared to buying 4 necklaces at Chico's (where I love the jewelry) this is a really good deal.

Birds of all kinds (and feathers) seem to be trendy right now. I bought an enamel bird necklace and one with some feathers. 
Forever21 Purchases

I also buy necklaces with the intention of restyling them. One of the necklaces I purchased has a silver metal and turquoise type stone. I want to add beads and give it a more substantial look. The folded glasses pendant I will most likely layer with something else. It was just cute and only $2.90.

Today it was really, really hot (104 degrees) so I wasn't dressed as cool as what I should have been. I had lunch with a friend then went for a really nice pedicure. I don't like to go out without something covering my arms, thus the jacket. It is comfortable when you are in an air conditioned building or car, but not so much outside.

I styled two different necklaces with the outfit.  All other accessories are the same.

Jacket: JJill past season
Tank: Chico's Microfiber tank
Jeans: CJ Banks past season
Necklace in left picture: Chico's past season
Necklace in right picture: Chico's Minikin Necklace
Bracelets: On my left hand Chico's Avani Right hand: from my accessory closet
Shoes: Think! Julia black patent sandals

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