Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy summer colors on a REALLY hot day

It was horribly hot here today. The 55 degrees Paula at Fashion over 50 wrote about sounds divine right now! This was kind of a no make up day for me as whatever I started with this morning pretty much melted away by this evening.  I should have put on lipstick, but did not. We had just gotten back from our Friday night dinner date and I was just thinking about having my husband take these pictures as quickly as possible.

Paula asked if we would post our at home wear. Since I have retired, pretty much every day is a day to chill out. I still love my accessories and wear them whenever I go out. I did have more bracelets on earlier in the day, but it was so hot that even the metal touching my arms was too uncomfortable. I don't always wear all the jewelry at home, but I do usually put on at least a necklace.

This outfit really looks better in person than in the photos. I got several compliments on my accessories today while shopping with my Mother. She and I had fun in Sephora trying on different products.

We also went to a couple of shops so I could try on new eyeglass frames.  It is funny that a couple of years ago there were very, very few plastic frames and now they are abundant and wire frames are harder to find. I hate trying on frames as I am pretty much blind and viewing them from a distance of 6 inches really doesn't give me an idea of how they look.

I love bracelets. This is an Anna & Ava purchased at Dillards.
Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Top: Purchased from either QVC or HSN, I cannot remember.
Jeans: DG2 by Diane Gilman
Flower pin: From a seller on etsy
Necklace: Vintage Chico's
Bracelet: Anna & Ava, Dillards
Shoes: Think! Julia


  1. You look fantastic, and I would love to see you wearing skirts and dresses soon.

  2. Nice colors!

    I've been around the block about glasses several times lately. For awhile fashionable ones were so small it was a challenge to get a progressive prescription into them. Frames have gotten bigger lately but it's still something to consider.

    I'd look for some with a wider temple/ear piece. That seems to be a trend. You and I share a roundish face, check out something with a squared edge.