Thursday, July 28, 2011

What kind of animal is that?

I love to wear this jacket. It is a combination of leopard and zebra print with a bright pink lining. Being as it is not a real animal print, it probably would not please Stacy and Clinton but it sure makes me happy.

My necklace is a vintage Elizabeth Taylor for Avon. It is a Goldcoast Coin Necklace inspired by antique coins collected by Ms. Taylor. Each "coin" is engraved with an E that has the look of an ancient script.  Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinarily talented women who created a wonderful jewelry collection for Avon.

One thing I know Stacy and Clinton agree with me on is the finishing touch of a jacket. It takes an otherwise plain outfit of jeans and a tee tank and pulls it together to make an outfit that I feel good about wearing for a lunch with a friend.

Many women today have spent most of their adult years working outside the home. I hope that my outfits show that being retired does not mean you have to be any less stylish than you were when you were working.  When I was working, I only wore some of my work wear on the weekends. I tried to keep it "nice" for work. It is so nice to wear whatever I want now without worrying about it. Another nice benefit of retirement is that I can wear jeans whenever I want!  

Jacket: Chico's
Tank: Chico's
Jeans:: BandolinoBlu
Bracelets: Kenneth Cole (I think)
Shoes: Think! Julia Black Patent Sandals

This is our female Airedale, Jada.
We call her our wooly sheep-girl because her coat is so thick and curly.

Elizabeth Taylor for Avon necklace.
It is a fairly heavy and well made piece.

Today I made an investment in a new Canon DSLR camera. I am hoping we can figure out how to use it properly. Last summer I took a class on How to use a Digital camera. I did not realize that it was primarily for DSLR users and not just point and shoot digital camera's. Unfortunately, I don't remember much the teacher showed on DSLR's. At least I will be able to take my own pics using a tripod. I actually had gone to find a new battery for my Sony camera. I was horrified to find out the battery was $57.00. We had been talking about getting a nice camera, so I decided to just purchase it now.  No new clothes for me for a while.


  1. What kind of camera have you been working with? I have been very happy with my Sony Cybershot, but I look forward to seeing photos with the new camera.

    I really like the pattern in this bright jacket and I am taking notes when and if my days of retirement ever come.

  2. Nice to find your blog. I am almost 50 and on leave from work and I find myself wearing sweatpants everyday and jeans to "dress up" for the weekend. You have inspired me, because you look great and so does Jada!

  3. Oh hi Jada! Your dogs are all so beautiful and look so happy to be with you.

    I like this patterned jacket on you, and the gold necklace from Avon is really stunning.

    Smiling and agreeing with Terri: if and when I ever retire . . .

  4. That jacket is so cute! I have a neon green zebra striped one but I never wear it because it's too flashy :(! Wish I had one like yours!