Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turquoise and Purple two of my favorite year round colors

Please excuse my wet hair today. I had a limited window of time to have my DH take the photos.

I know some of you say that you never find anything at Chico's. My problem is that I find too much. The three quarter sleeve denim jacket is a new Chico's purchase that will be great to wear with sleeveless dresses so that I can cover my arms. 

Bracelets from L to R Picture 1 Dillards, Art fair, Michele Watch, Etsy,
Picture 2: Gift, Art Fair, Silpada, Art Fair
Necklace: Chico's (I have worn this necklace a lot. It is a summer favorite.)

Jacket: Chico's
Belt: Chico's (It ended up off center.)
Dress: Target Mossimo
Shoes: Think Black Patent
Harry has decided that he likes to be in the photos.

I have been thinking about Pam's Foundational 5 post at Over50Feeling40 and I think I have the first 3 of my foundational 5.
  1. Versatility: I should be able to wear it with more than one outfit
  2. Maintenance: It should not have to be ironed or dry cleaned. I do not want to iron every day like I did when I was working.
  3. Really, Really Love it: It should be something I really love, not something pretty that is just a bargain. ( I am really guilty of buying things that seem to be bargains, but are really not since I might only wear it once.)
I am still thinking about my other 2 and I will post them as soon as I decide.

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow at our local botanical garden. I think I may wear this dress and jacket to the wedding instead of the dress and shrug that I had planned to wear shown on this post. It is a casual wedding and this is a comfortable colorful dress.  I am hoping I might be able to take some photos of the gardens.


  1. Hi Harry!

    Love your jewelry, the colors are so pretty. I am with you on ironing, sister. I smooth things out on the bed and maybe, give them a squirt of water. : >

  2. I have only come up with one of Pam's criteria--creativity. As you probably know, this year I am thrifting all of my clothes--I generally take a good hard look at Chico's items when I come across them. Looks like the new jacket fits your three criteria.

  3. Those colors are so fabulous on you!

  4. Your colors are some of my favorites too. And that jacket is great. Chico's is a great place. Especially for jewelry.

  5. Your label is perfect - you have accessorized very well with this cute outfit. I love your jewelry. I am a big fan of bracelets and worry that I will never get to wear even a tenth of what I own. I'm going to try layering them like you did. Thanks! (Your hair looks good even wet.)