Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black and White, Stripes & Print

Sacramento @ MIS PAPELICOS stated that she would like to see me in a skirt or dress. Quite honestly, I don't wear many of either. Not that I don't like them, but here in Kansas it is often way too windy to risk a dress or skirt. However, today I am not only wearing a skirt but also trying to rock a pattern mix trend.

My husband and I went to lunch today at Red Robin and not one other woman was wearing a skirt or dress.  On the way home we stopped at Walmart, which was a zoo, and I was way overdressed for that outing.

Harry wanted in the picture too!

Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Top: JC Penney
Skirt: Talbot's
Necklace: Chico's
Bracelet: Dillards
Shoes: Think! Julia
Handbag: Lockheart (It is a deep red color)

One thing I am learning by posting these photographs is that the look I had in my mind and saw in the mirror is often different than what I see in the photos.  I am sure that as time goes by, I will learn more and be better at this than I am today.


  1. Thank you my dear friend for daring, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You look so fabulous in that skirt, mixing prints.
    When I went to the States, apart from New York, 99% of women wore pants and tops, and they thought I was dress to go to church, hehehhehe.
    Life is to short to wear just pants.
    Good for you!!!

  2. I'm impressed and inspired by your blog. Please know that there are people out here in the blogosphere that admire courageous older women who triumph over all odds and still care about looking nice and being stylish. Please continue to post. You might be helping people that you will never know. Thank you for your example.

  3. I take it you aren't a shorts wearer? I like a summer skirt instead of shorts because I think it's more flattering.

    Your skirt has a nice length. Try comparing youself in a skirt that length against a pair of cropped pants in the same length. I think the skirt will win!

    Given the general level of attire you find at Walmart I wouldn't worry about being overdressed!

  4. I like this look and I agree that it is fancier that you would usually see in Red Robin or the local Walmart. Whereabouts in Kansas are you? I'm in Paola!

  5. Adorable skirt! I love the graphic starkness of the black and white. The wrist cuff is a good addition.

  6. Now I want to combine stripes and a print!