Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I think I am a hypocrite

I am really positive to other bloggers who are down on themselves for being overweight. After looking at the pictures from today's outing, I thought "OMG, I look awful. I am bigger than I thought and my face is so round." How can I be positive to others and so hard on myself? At one time, my sister and I were about the same size. As you can see, she is still thin. I have been on so many diets, I can't name them all. Some were really awful. Several times I lost weight, but it always came back, plus some.  I do wonder why I can be so positive to others and not to myself.

To change the subject, my sister, brother-in-law, Mother, and I went to eat lunch at TGIFriday's.  After lunch, my sister took pictures of me and my Mother and I took some of my sister and Mother at a play fountain at a local shopping center. There was a lady and her daughter in the fountain area who obviously were wondering what the heck we were doing.

My sister loves photography and will be helping me to take some pictures sometimes when she is in town.  I hope that I learn a lot from her. She has a nice DSLR camera. Maybe I can learn enough so that I can purchase one to use so that I do not have to rely on someone else to take my pictures.

I plan on wearing this dress to a wedding next week, so I wanted to wear it to see if there were any issues with it. There were. The facings at the neck of the dress keep working their way up and out.  I will deal with it prior to the wedding, so I won't be fussing with the dress and I can have fun instead.

My sister and me. She is wearing a Premier cross necklace and a vintage Sarah Coventry Cross

My Mother and me. She is wearning a metal belt as a necklace. Quite creative!

My feather fascinator head band.

Dress: Dressbarn
Bracelets: From accessory closet
Shoes: Think! Julia sandals
Feather Fascinator: etsy bellasbowtique2008


  1. We are always harder on ourselves than on other people. You look fantastic in that dress. I would add a touch of colour wearing a clutch.
    What do you think???

  2. Your blog rang my chimes. I used to think, when did I get this big? Round face, etc. I started blogging and found out just how big I am. And now I'm trying to think of a relatively painless way to get myself out of this predicament. If you have ideas please publish them.

  3. sacramento - you are absolutely right. I am thinking a red clutch would look super.
    Judy C - Oh my, I wish I knew of a way to at least make me less hard on myself! I try to exercise at least 5 days a week and watch what I eat, but I just cannot seem to lose!
    I read some of your blog. It seems as though you and I have a lot in common as far as our thoughts and feelings! Let's do what we can to keep each other inspired.

  4. My comment isn't about your outfit. It's about your state of mind. My husband told me a few years ago "I loved you when you were fat and I loved you when you were skinny" Basically it really doesn't matter. It's how you feel about yourself. I'm on a weight loss blessing right now, but there is some stress involved (my father passed away two weeks ago) None the less I'm running with it.
    The minute I realize food is for fuel only--I'm good.
    Be happy with yourself and lovely family!

  5. This dress will be perfect for a summer wedding. Remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to others.