Saturday, July 9, 2011

A very personal accessory

Today, I would like to highlight a very personal necklace I made. Several years ago, I went through my jewelry box and found numerous pendants, pins, and rings that were treasures to me but I never wore them. Somewhere I saw a picture of a charm necklace that I coveted but could not afford which gave me the idea to take all the miscellaneous small jewelry pieces I had to make my own necklace.  It was fairly simple to make with jump and spring rings and a figaro necklace. 
On the necklace, I have charms from my high school years, my baby ring, a turquoise ring that my grandmother Marjorie gave me, some pendants from necklaces given to me by my grandma Lucille. There are also some charms I added, such as my initials, a pair of scissors to represent my needlework, my zodiac symbol, and a teddy bear as I was a teddy bear collector.

I have had a number of women compliment me on the necklace and tell me they might do something similar. I don't know if anyone ever did make one, but I hope I can inspire someone to make something that has as much meaning to them as this has to me.

I did not make my bracelet, but it is also a very interesting piece. It is made up of old clip earrings. I would not suggest destroying any valuable vintage clip earrings. You may be able to find single earrings at yard sales or flea markets. There is probably a way to use them without taking the clips off, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Here is a tip for apple shaped ladies like me who no longer have a waist. Wearing a belt over a top under a jacket can give the illusion of a waist.

Vintage clip earring bracelet

Jacket: Chico's
Tank: Talbot's
Belt: Target
Jeans: DG2 Diane Gilman
Shoes: Tom's burlap
Necklace: Made by me
Bracelet: ebay

Now that I have shared my DIY accessory, do any of you have a DIY accessory to share with all of us?


  1. Love your ideas! And I like that Chico jacket too. I never find anything there...but i see you did! I had a diy last week on earrings...did you see it? Paula

  2. Brilliant idea. I must try.
    I leave you the link just in case you want to delet the WORD VERIFICATION:

  3. Great ideas. I wish I'd thought of it before turning my gold stuff in for cash. I love the bracelet too.

  4. What great ideas for charms and earrings! I love seeing how people re-purpose old and special jewelry.

  5. What a fun charm necklace. I made one in silver the year that I spent planning and working on my oldest daughter's wedding. It had sewing charms, wedding charms, music charms and some beautiful beads to add a bit of color. Your post reminded me of it, now to pull it out of the bottom of my jewelry box and start using it again. By the way, that was 16 1/2 years ago!

  6. Paula, Yes I did see your DIY and really liked it. I have got to get busy and make some more jewelry!
    Sacramento, thanks for that link. I did not realize I had that enabled. I fixed it, I hope.
    cza, I probably made my necklace that long ago, but it has remained a favorite of mine. I am glad my post helped you to remember your special necklace.

  7. I love the idea of a charm necklace rather than a bracelet...

  8. You have the greatest ideas, I had a whole bunch of "stuff" I was going to throw away, now I am going to try your necklace idea!

  9. I love your bracelet. However, why not wear a ring, maybe one of the beautiful cz rings?