Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creamsicle - Orange & Pink

Yet another hot as hades day. If there were a real creamsicle involved I think it would have melted in seconds.  The top I am wearing has hot pink and orange mixed together and reminds me of a creamsicle. There is more pink in the top than the pictures show. Interestingly, I had not noticed that the front of the top has a large area of white that shows up like a bull's eye. I think that from now on, I am going to take a camera with me to buy new clothes. It is amazing to me how much shows up in a photograph that does not in the mirror. 

You have seen Harry, my Airedale Terrier, before, but this is FarleyJoe's first appearance. He is my old boy. We adopted him in 2000 and I don't know how old he was when we got him. He is the sweetest boy anyone could have and is definitely a "momma's boy". He looks a bit like a well loved teddy bear. He cannot handle a day at the groomers, so I trim him myself with scissors. Blame his pitiful grooming on me. Jada, our only girl, was inside and could not be coaxed out. Smart girl. All three are rescues and are our treasures.

FarleyJoe was barking at me as was Harry until he picked up his ball.
Harry wanted to play, FarleyJoe wanted him to leave me alone.

Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Top: Chico's
Shorts: Chico's
Shoes: Think

FarleyJoe, the best, sweetest dog in the world.
Top 2: Chico's
Next 2: Dillard's (One is on top of the other)
Bottom: JCPenney

Necklace: Chicos
The top of the pendant is actually pink and matches the top.
It looks purple here, but it is not at all.


  1. Such a pretty, colorful look, and you have the *best* bracelets. I love meeting FarleyJoe, he looks so loveable and yes, like he loves his mama best. : >

    You could definitely use this outfit in Visible Monday tomorrow - you shine in it.

  2. Oh, I like the stack of bracelets. I think Saturday was the hottest day of the year in the KC area, but we woke this morning to evidence of a storm in the night. A bit of blessed relief.

    And three pups, all rescued. You are an angel.