Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fashion Challenge-Summer Trends - Military paired with Feminine

Megan Mae Daily's Fashion Challenge Summer Trends Military Paired with Feminine sounded like a lot of fun, so I decided to participate today. I have always had a thing for military styles. Give me braid and buttons and my heart goes pitty pat. I haven't found much plus size military that I like except a couple of jackets I got at Lane Bryant. They don't have all the details, but they were as close as I could get to what I really wanted. 

Today, we took photos in the front yard to keep Harry from getting my pants dirty. Harry is a pants licker and I cannot break him from doing it. He will follow me around and lick where ever he can get to before I jerk away. I have often said that if CSI looked for trace evidence on my jeans they would find the mother lode of dog snool ( a potent combo of nose and tongue liquid.) Sorry if it is too much info, dog people know this sort of stuff.

The feminine parts of the outfit are the necklace, top (which has a really pretty neckline), the bracelets, and the shoes. The military is the jacket and the pin which I wore on my jacket to resemble a medal.

My photographer did not tell me the necklace had a leaf that had turned the wrong way.

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Dressbarn
Jeans: Chico's Slim Leg  (Not sure why they call them that, they really aren't that slim)
Belt: Target (I turned the buckle part to the back)
Necklace: ebay vintage 80's
Bracelets: Silver cuff Coldwater Creek, others Miscellaneous sources. The bracelet with the pink disk beads I made.
Shoes: Target


  1. Nicely done! I love your jacket and those flats are adorable.

  2. Fantastic jacket! I've been looking for a good canvas type jacket for awhile. I think they're wonderfully versatile.

    My inlaws' dog has a really bad habit of licking feet, but he knows I'm not really a "dog person" so he sneaks up behind me and puts his cold nose on the back of my calf! Eep!

  3. I love the whole outfit. I see lots of things I'd love to have.

  4. yes like Keely i also like your jacket it is really suits to you.

  5. I love your military mix! Great accessories. I love Harry too, even though I only saw him a couple of times. He's a sweetie.

  6. Target does a good job with their macrame belts. Those shoes are pretty cute, too. Great job of mixing the Military with the Feminine.

  7. This really works and once again, you have hit the motherlode with that necklace. Our photographers need to be slightly trained. :)