Friday, July 15, 2011

What I wore before the wedding I will attend

It is hot and muggy today and I feel worn out from the heat. I went to the Mall today and it was even hot in the stores. Usually, stores are so cold that it is nice to have something covering your arms, but not today.  I sure hope the wedding tonight is inside! This has been a really hot summer resulting in water rationing in many cities. I expect we will have that here soon if it does not cool down or rain.

In reviewing the photos of my outfit, I think I need to hem the skirt up a few inches as it just seems a bit too long. It is funny how something you never notice even in the mirror shows up so well in a photo.
 I love this denim jacket. It has really pretty pale green plastic buttons that really add a lot to many outfits.

I really wanted to participate in the FBFF, but I do not have time to do that right now. If I can, I will edit this post later this evening. 

Harry is getting to be a real pill about wanting to be in the pictures.

Bart wanted me to remove my glasses since there was too much reflection in them.
Unfortunately, I can't see much without them.

Sarah Cavendar Metalworks necklace

Kate Spade Rick Rack Bracelets, Michele Watch, Vintage Ring
 Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Tank: Chico's
Skirt: Talbots
Shoes: Think! Julia sandals


  1. You're probably right that the skirt could be shorter. I've had that happen a few times now when taking pictures for the blog; something I thought was a good combo has one or more elements that don't work. The colors are nice on you. Hope the wedding is indoors in the a/c!

  2. "It is funny how something you never notice even in the mirror shows up so well in a photo." So, so true in my own experience. I agree with Une Femme, a couple of inches shorter will be the trick. Very pretty stained glass pattern on the skirt.

    Hi Harry!

  3. Oh, I like this skirt! I hope your wedding is indoors too. I wear glasses, but mine have built-in shading for sun, so I often remove them for the photos on my blog.

  4. Funny, I agree with you on things that I realize when I look at the pictures, I think this thing happens to us all, your outfit is very happy and very bright colors, suitable for a wonderful wedding, enjoy .. . you are very beautiful!

  5. Thank you all for the compliments. The wedding itself was outdoors and the temperature was around 108 degrees F. We could not hear the ceremony because there were helicopters flying by along with sirens. The reception was held indoors thank goodness. I had a really good time visiting with former coworkers I had not seen since I retired.