Friday, July 22, 2011

A great find and my blue security blanket

This has not been the best of days for me. I woke up feeling awful from sinus and asthma problems. When I finally started feeling better I called my Mother, who was out and about, and asked her to meet me for lunch.  I had a really nice salad with strawberries, apples, bacon bits, and grilled chicken with a light vidalia onion dressing. I have been using fruit in my salads quite a lot this year and the recipe for Pomegranate Dressing The Wilted Magnolia posted today sounds like something really good to try.

After we finished lunch, we went to a couple of estate sales in the area. There was nothing at either of those that interested us so we decided to go to the Salvation Army thrift store. That was where some fun began. My Mother found a couple of decorative plates and I found a really pretty necklace that is the best thing I have ever found at a thrift store. I have it on in today's pictures. The Salvation Army merchandise is often priced awfully high for a thrift store. My necklace was $9.99, but it was so pretty and was worth it to me. The tag on the chain is marked Avon, so I am assuming that it is an older Avon piece as it is very heavy and well made.

JudyC asked how I could wear a jacket in this heat. I think that since I had my mastectomy, I use jackets as kind of a security blanket. The Urban Dictionary defines security blanket as "anything an adult uses to reduce their anxiety". Yep, that fits me. Jackets make me feel as though no one will notice my strange chest anatomy and my apple middle.  I my head I know that a jacket will not hide everything, but it makes me feel better about myself.  Sometimes it is really too hot to wear a jacket, but I do it anyway.

Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Top: Anne Klein
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Sandals: Think! Julia

Necklaces: B w/pearls Anne Boleyn Repro
Gold and Blue w/pearl, Avon, thrifted
Long Pearl necklace, gift
Flower pin from local boutique, Carla's Love It
 I think we all probably have some body issue that we try to hide in some way. Many times what we perceive as very noticable others do not notice at all. Do you have any security blanket you use to feel more confident and reduce anxiety?


  1. Great job layering necklaces. I think color can be a security blanket. I love yellow, but when I have to make a particular impression, I will wear black or some other neutral.

  2. Oh, I like the necklace you found. Hope you're feeling better now. I can understand the need for that security blanket. No explanations necessary.

  3. I love the jewel mix. And I get the jacket thing. I would just swelter. None of my jackets look good to me right now.

  4. Once you make that dressing, you'll be eating salads all the time, it's FABULOUS! It's really great having a friend from Cordon Blue school. ;)

    Love the layered necklaces, that's how I like to wear mine the winter. LOL It's so hot right now, even clothes are optional!

  5. Sorry you haven't been feeling 100%. That new necklace is so fab, perhaps it is making you feel better right now : >

    I understand you feeling secure in your jackets, and you always look so pulled-together.

  6. I used to own a number of black hoodie jackets. It stemmed from wearing uniforms in Middle school. I didn't have 'cool kid' brands so I covered it with hoodies. Part of my blog mission was to remove all existence of black hoodies. I did so for a year before being gifted a new one. I hardly wear it, and don't miss them. Why? There's tons of other fab options like blazers, dusters and cardigans.

    All that said, you have some amazing jackets. I would have never considered it hiding the way you style them up. Certainly a leopard print jacket isn't hiding anyone! If a jacket makes you feel better, go for it. This one is beautifully tailored to you and is very chic, especially with that blue blouse.