Tuesday, July 19, 2011

InStyle inspiration day

I would like to say how sorry I am that Borders is closing. I love book stores. No electronic device will ever replace the feel of a book in my hand or the thrill of discovering a new book that I would not have known about if not for exploring a book store. My world will be a little smaller without Borders.

Today's outfit is inspired by a picture in InStyle magazine this month. I often tear out pages that have something on them that inspire me to create an outfit or piece of jewelry. As soon as I saw this page, I knew I had to create something similar. I kind of like what came out, but I am not satisfied with the jacket. I should have pulled the drawstring to give the jacket more shape. 
Here is the inspiration look:

InStyle Magazine, August Issue , Page 106
 Here is the look I created:

As usual, Harry has to be in the picture. Silly dog.

I had to add this one; Harry had dropped his ball wanting to play.

I thought about erasing the wrinkles on my hands,
but I did not. Here are some old hands.
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Tank: Chico's microfiber
Jeggings: Just My Size
Shoes: Reiker Fisherman Sandals
Necklace: Forever21
Yellow Bracelet: JCPenney

I know some of you keep an inspiration file. How do you keep yours? Do you file them away (and often forget them like I do) or do you display them on a board to keep them visible.


  1. Surprise! I saw the picture from the magazine and was sure you'd do the one with the jean jacket....

    I like the yellow bracelet with the pink and black.

    I clip pages out of JJill catalogs. Most of the time I already own something that looks like what they've styled.

    I keep the pages on my dresser top until I've actually worn something inspired by the photo. After that I can be counted on to put it together again.

  2. I like the outfit. And Harry's cool. Really cool.

  3. If I had an Inspiration File, your Yellow Bracelet would be in it!

  4. I love the turquoise-colored necklace with that fuchsia! I wish you had a close-up of the necklace.

  5. I already know we have lots in common! I am soo sad Border's is closing as well, my favorite magazine is In Style and I too am an animal lover - my cat is over 18 , deaf and we spend more on her health care than ourselves!!!
    I also have old In Style's I still go to for inspiration and a huge folder of torn-out pictures ;)
    I'm a follower now and so glad to 'meet' ya!

  6. Thank you all for the comments.
    Lawyerdoll, the turquoise necklace is shown on my June post on inexpensive accessories if you want to see a close up.
    Reva, it is good to have you hear. I have looked at your blog for a long time before formally following it. My beloved FarleyJoe is at least 12 years old and is having a hard time getting around. We spend a lot on him too, but I love him so much!

  7. I do not have an electronic reader and agree with you that nothing replaces the book. I like this jacket with the bright colored blouse...If we can only teach Harry to click the shutter!