Sunday, July 3, 2011

Accessories are not always jewelry or scarves

I was sewing some buttons on my 4th of July outfit when I thought that this would be a good time to write about buttons. I have always had a love for buttons and remember going through my Grandma's button can  for fun when we visited her. Grandma would remove buttons from old clothing and put them in a Prince Albert tobacco can for possible future use. Now days, no one I know saves buttons that way.

Buttons can accessorize an outfit and take it from so-so to something really unique. During the winter, I bought some buttons for a velvet jacket I had purchased from Talbot's. The buttons were really, really plain and just did not add anything to the jacket. So, I purchased some buttons that had a bit more oomph. In the before photo, the buttons are plain and unadorned. In the after, the gold and enamel buttons make the jacket look more expensive. I think it is the details that make an outfit and buttons are a wonderful accessory to add a distinctive touch.

Before - Blue Velvet Jacket with plain blue plastic buttons


After - Blue velvet jacket with gold and blue enamel buttons

Close up of the buttons
(There was something on the camera lens, so please excuse the spots.)
Different fabric trims can also add a lot to the style of a jacket. Chanel jackets often have very unique trim such as chain, fringe, and braid. Utilizing details like that you can take a very inexpensive jacket and make it one of a kind. I often shop ebay and etsy for vintage trim to use. I recently bought some daisy trim that I plan on adding to a jacket (when I can find the time.)

I hope that this will inspire you to make some easy changes for a unique look.

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  1. Such a great idea, and I love the blue color of the jacket!