Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cool colors for a melting hot summer day

It is currently106 degrees F and it is too hot to do anything outdoors. Those of you who have more bearable temperatures are very lucky.

This morning I read Pam's post at over50feeling40  on her Foundational 5, rule number 3 Dressing with Creativity. She asked if anyone had any ideas about how to tone down personal creativity or whether it should be toned down. It made me think about my self and I realized that I love color so much. The outfits that I feel the best in have an intense color. I have purchased neutrals, but for the most part I am not really happy in them. So one of my Foundational 5's would be Color: It must have color!

In response to Pam, I think that for me clothing is my way of expressing my creative, artistic abilities. The colors I wear are like the colors in a painting and I think I may be a bit more Kandinsky than Vermeer. I am inspired by the beautiful, classic styles like I see on Mai Tai's Picture Book  or Une femme d'un certain age  Both ladies are very stylish. I might wear something classic occasionally, but not everyday. Because I am retired, I do not have to worry about making an impression at work.  That said, I am using most of the clothes that I had at work, so you can tell that I was a little bit colorful even when I was working.

I think the most important thing is to be appropriate. At the wedding I attended last night, there were some women who were dressed really sexy. I think there is a time and place for that, but not at a wedding. It was a more casual affair, but for me really short skirts and low cut tops are just not appropriate at even a casual wedding. Just my humble opinion.

Now to the fun--today's outfit. 

Top: Chico's
Jeans: Chico's Barely There Flare Jeans
I think I may just be an old hippie girl at heart.

Two Chico's necklaces layered

Bracelets: Forever21
Sandals: Silver Haflinger

Harry has decided that he must be outside when we are taking pictures. He brought his ball over, dropped it a couple of times, then started barking at us. We did throw the ball a couple of times, but it was too hot to let him play for very long. The two older dogs, FarleyJoe and Jada have the good sense to stay inside in the air conditioning.


  1. You look so pretty in blue! I love the print on that top and Harry makes the pictures perfect! ;-) Kiah

  2. Were the low-cut tops and short skirts on young single girls or older married women?

    Don't forget that a wedding is a place where singles often go to hook-up and party, and sometimes already marrieds re-live their own weddings and get tingly feelings about their own wedding nights!

    What's appropriate for you might not have been what someone else thought they should wear to get the outcome they were hoping for.

  3. This blue is beautiful on you. Rose already put my thoughts about sexy outfits into words. My guess is that they were primarily worn by unmarried women.