Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red, White, Black & Blue

To be honest, I did not have this outfit on for very long. It was 111 in the shade and it was stifling outside. Thank goodness for air conditioning. It has been in the high 80's even early in the morning. We have been close to breaking the all time high of 114. Some records just should not be broken.

I really liked this jacket and have worn it a lot. However, I am finding that by taking outfit photos, some of the things I thought looked really good just don't. This jacket has too much fabric at the bust and is too boxy. I think that I can find something else in black that is more flattering.

A project I want to undertake is to try on and photograph all my jackets to see which really do look the way I want them to. That will really help me to reduce my work wardrobe down to a more usable retirement wardrobe. I only want to keep the clothing that really makes me feel good when I wear it.

Jacket: CJ Banks
Top: Dressbarn
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Shoes: Payless
Belt: ?

Zebra bracelet - Dillards, Red & White - Talbots

Necklace: Chico's
 I really like the shoes I am wearing. I found them at Payless in the children's section. They are black ballet shoes with silver colored studs on the toes. Payless children's sizes go up to 6, which is the equivalent to a size 8 woman's shoe. I have a wide, rectangular foot. Children's shoes are made with more toe room, which is perfect for me. I have to wonder though, why would you need more toe room as a child and then suddenly not need it as an adult? Feet don't change shape that much! Mine have always been better suited to the box than the shoe.  If you wear a size 8 or below, try Payless children's shoes for some inexpensive simple shoes.


  1. When I began to photograph myself I was able to see much more what I liked and didn't like about some of the clothes I had. And of course about hair, makeup, and general body shape. Sometimes it hurts, but it works much better for me than my mirror. I don't seem to really see what's there in the mirror.

  2. Isn't it funny how what we see in the mirror can be different than what we see on our camera? This is a really pretty outfit, but I can see where it might start to get hot! Crazy hot here in the Carolinas too!!! ~Serene

  3. Daily photographing has definitely translated into being more aware of fit. One thing may look awful in a straight on mirror, but marvelous in real life. And vice versa. I'm thankful for the brief rain we got. It hasn't cooled things down any but I'm sure the plants appreciated the wet.

    I have normal to narrow feet, but still find toeboxes way too narrow/short in some adult shoes. I'll be sure to check out Payless more often, it seems like in recent years they have really revamped.

  4. I have issues with jackets that fit at the hip being too big in the chest. Patterns are always made for women who're big all over and if you aren't then it's hard to get things to fit. I find that JJill shirts are often cut for women with big chests and I end up swimming around in them.

    Do you think you could alter the jacket and reduce the fabric across the chest?

  5. I had not known this about children's shoes and have put ordering a particular sandal for that very reason. Like you, I have discovered several pieces in my wardrobe that did not look as good as they felt when they wore them.