Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women over 50 and how we feel about ourselves

I have been thinking quite a lot lately about women over 50 and how we view ourselves. The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow's Mirror, mirror on the wall post and Pam's post at Over50Feeling40 The line in the sand which side are you on? really made me think. 

I think one of the reasons why so many of us feel inadequate is because there are so few women role models who look like us. Yes, magazines like Harper's Bazaar and More do feature women over 50, but most of the women featured are wealthy, thin, beautiful women with access to expensive clothing, plastic surgeons, personal trainers, and makeup & hair stylists who make them look fantastic.  I cannot afford $1500 dresses or $400 blouses and furthermore, there aren't any stores where I live that carry clothing like that in my size. 

Being retired, I have different needs than someone my age who is still active in the working world.  We are not a one size fits all society.  The internet has changed us all by making the world a much smaller place. Ten years ago I would not have had the pleasure of communicating with women from other parts of the United States much less Australia, Spain, France, and England.

It is my hope that we bloggers over 50 will change how women of all sizes and economic means are seen by the media and manufacturers. Fashion bloggers are now included in fashion week and some are courted by designers.  The over 50 population is growing and I think as bloggers we have an opportunity to influence how others perceive us at this stage of our lives.  It is scary to put oneself out for all to see, but it is important so that other women know that getting older is a blessing and it can be done with style.

While I am on my soap box, I would also like to say that I think there are too many "don't rules" for women over 50.  Even Stacy and Clinton have rules that I do not always agree with.  What was a fashion "don't" last year may be a fashion "do" this year.  (Denim on denim now a do?)

I think the best thing we can do is support each other and do our level best not to be so hard on ourselves.

I would like to send out a big Thank You to all the other wonderful bloggers who enrich my life every day by sharing your lives with me.


  1. Hi! I turned 66 last Thursday and have had my share of health complaints, mostly brought on by my not so hot lifestyle on the sofa. I wear knit pants with elastic waist. I wear slinky tops, flats, and I don't condemn my style for anyone. I love to look at the blogs and the magazines for style changes. Then I might change a color, or a length of pant. But as far as a line goes, mine is--how much of the life I have left do I want to waste worrying about fitting into an image of fashion that is totally uncomfortable? I just ordered a new and very fashionable handbag. I color my hair and wear make up and jewelry with my outfits. I feel feminine in spite of the elastic waist. By the way, with a very large belly an elastic waist is wonderful. But my main point is to become happy with what I have. I finally got over the need to use a fashion picture as a place to start and I just wear what I love. I have to.

  2. Judy,
    I just finished ordering some elastic waist denim leggings from Walmart! Actually, if you don't tuck a top, I think the elastic waist gives a much smoother line. I am all for comfort too and recently made the decision to not buy anything I don't really love. I like to view fashion magazines to give me ideas so I can interpret it for myself. I think I may do a post on that tomorrow.

  3. Hi,
    right your words about role models and the "dont's" (I never cared about those). I met so many, many beautiful surprises when growing older: I would never had thought that.
    But I also think that we ourselves are a bit guilty: by putting youth (which I like! and where I have a lot of friends) as the one and only "zenit" or on a pedestal - they could do nothing else than think they are the measure of everything :-)

  4. Thanks for mentioning my post and for keeping the discussion going. As I said in today's post, fashion is unique to the individual and your lifestyle is part of that. If you are retired and mostly at home, of course you do not need the professional clothes that those still in the workplace need. Also, because we are all unique my DON'T list may be very different from your DON'T list. What I am attempting to do, is help each women better define the style she wants to communicate. I think if we narrow to five basic areas (which are different for each woman) then we have less of a chance of making mistakes and ending up with clothes we don't want. If you ever want to talk off the comment box, then please email me at!! Let's keep encouraging women to feel and look there best over 50!

  5. I have watched as our numbers have increased in the blogophere over the past perhaps they'll invite one of us to fashion week. After all, over 50s are often those with available funds to spend...