Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Minnie Pearl moment

I know some readers will not remember Minnie Pearl. Minnie was a country comedian who wore a hat that had the price tag dangling. Of course, her tag was intentional.

Miss Minnie Pearl
 I went to lunch with some people I used to work with and wore the khaki jacket in my photos below. Somehow, I forgot to remove the tag and when I put the jacket on the darn tag was hanging off the back of my neck (why oh why it couldn't it have hung inside the jacket?).  I sat through the whole lunch and no one said a word until we were leaving and one of the guys said, "do you know you have a tag hanging?" I pulled it off and felt rather embarrassed, although I was very thankful that he told me or I would have gone to a couple of other places inadvertently channeling Miss Minnie. Have you ever had this happen to you?

 I love summer, but this year it has been just miserable here with heat warnings every day. Two people have died from the heat. I cannot imagine what life was like before there were air conditioners or at least fans. My grandparents told us stories of sleeping on the riverbank at night to be able to get at least a little cool breeze. We took the pictures pretty quickly as I was roasting.

My outfit today is a bit of a remix. The jeans I have worn several times and the top was from the military w/feminine touches challenge.
Jacket: Chico's
Top: Dressbarn
Jeans: DG2
Sandals: Think!
Necklace: Ebay

An action photo taken as I said I was done taking pictures
and headed for the a/c.

All Bracelets made by me. Michele Watch
As usual Harry wanted to play ball. He drooled on my leg trying to get me to throw the ball.
Unfortunately, I throw like a girl so the ball never goes very far.


  1. Your Harry cracks me up!

    The military style jacket and the floral blouse balance each other out nicely.

  2. Oh and yes, I absolutely remember Minnie Pearl!

  3. Oh, I want a close-up of the shoes. My grandfather, who lived in Emporia, had a sleeping porch on his house. I've always wanted a sleeping porch.

    And, yes, I do remember Minnie Pearl. I've been caught with some of my thrifting tags showing!!

  4. Oh yes, I've shown a few tags over the years. I think you're in good company. You look pretty in your vibrant top.

    Hello Harry, good boy!

  5. Great jacket! I've missed tags so bad I've washed them. Plus those ones with the alarm in them that you're supposed to cut out? Those too. I don't have a personalized memory of Minnie Pearl, but I do remember seeing clips/pictures around my grandparents house.

  6. Minnie Pearl and her hat - what a delight. Your bracelets are beautiful!

  7. The outfit is great but how do you stand to wear a jacket in this heat?

  8. my story isn't as funny as yours. One day after I was trying on sweaters someone came up to me and told me mine was on inside out.
    I see you have DG2 jeans, like 'em? I just bought her boot cut jeggings and am not sure about the elastic waist, kinda gapes when I sit down. I haven't worn them yet.
    Love your bracelets!

  9. My story isn't quite as funny as yours, day I was trying on sweaters and then as I was checking out someone told me that my sweater was inside out. :-)
    I see you have on DG2 jeans, like em? I just bought some DG boot cut leggings..........will wear in the fall. I am not sure about the elastic waist

  10. Love Harry! What a cutie!

    I'm really loving the Style Arc patterns. Don't have a heart attack when you see the shipping costs. LOL If you order 3 at a times, they cost about ll.00 each, much cheaper than any of the independent patterns available in the US. Plus they send you a free pattern with your order.
    I got tons of that blue cotton/lycra at when they had a sale, so there will more out of that fabric! :)

  11. The tag hanging is a fun story! I have seen people walking in the street with hanging labels or zippers open, when I warned quietly, usually they laugh .... Love the combo of a military jacket with flowers, it's so cool!

  12. I remember Minnie Pearl...LOL
    I love your jacket and your bracelets. Very stylish!

  13. Judy C - If I were outide a lot, I couldn't wear it. Most stores are so cold that it is comfortable to wear a jacket. Also, it is a security thing for me. I think I may write about that soon.
    Linda - I do like the DG2 Cargo jeans I got, but I ordered a boot cut pair and did not like them at all.