Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I would have worn today if I had not been cleaning carpets

Some days you just have dirty work to do. That was my day today. I had to sweep and spot clean carpets. With 3 large dogs underfoot, it wasn't the easiest thing to do. I bought a Little Green Clean Machine that I had unpack and figure out how to use. I knew that once I got started, I probably would not want to get out of the house, so  I decided I really should go exercise before starting on it.  When I got home, I just stayed in my exercise outfit since I was a bit "dewy" anyway and knew I would get more so from working.

This is the outfit that I would have worn if I had not been doing housework. I may just wear it tomorrow since I spent time planning it out today.

The necklace is a vintage piece - copper and enamel

Normally, I do not wear matching sets of jewelry, but in this case, I think it really works well.
I like to use vintage jewelry with my outfits. Rarely will you see someone wearing the exact same piece you are wearing. It often sparks conversations with people who remember seeing pieces like it years ago.

Denim shirt: Old
Tank: Chico's microfiber cami
Skirt: Talbot's
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage Matisse


  1. I love that shirt and would snap one up in white denim in a heartbeat.

  2. RoseAG, I love it too. It is a bit short to wear without a tank underneath, but it is a versatile piece. I like your idea of a white denim shirt. I received a sewing machine as a retirement gift, so making a white denim top may be my first project.

  3. Jewelry is a great conversation starter.

    I really like the feminine colors with the jean jacket! You are a braver soul than I to deal with that machine!