Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visible Monday - Leopard

Visible Monday, organized by Patti of Not Dead Yet Style , is a wonderful way for us to share an outfit in which we do not feel invisible. ( I am posting this Sunday night so that I don't have to wait until Monday evening to publish.)

My VM outfit consists of a Leopard print jacket, a terracotta colored tank, and my new jeggings. I purchased them at Walmart for just $10.00. Today is my first time for wearing them in public. Surprisingly, I think I like them. I wasn't too sure I would as they are fairly narrow legs and some fashion experts say that plus size women should not wear jeggings. But, the camera said they did not look bad, so I am thinking I will wear them more often. They are comfortable (oh no! Stacy and Clinton would be horrified!) and easy to just pull on and go.  I especially like the front seam. They may be a little long, but I will wash them a few more times before trying to hem them.

The colors in this outfit really look better in person than in the pictures. For some reason, the tank did not photograph well nor did the jewelry, which is really a warm, golden color.

If you notice that my jewelry sometimes falls to one side, that is because I have scoliosis and one shoulder is visibly lower than the other. I am hoping that yoga may help by strengthening my back muscles to better support my spine.

Jacket: Dressbarn
Tank: Chico's Microfiber Tank
Necklaces: Forever21
Jeggings: Just my size Walmart
Sandals: Think! Julia


  1. That color looks great on you! Love the crosses, wouldn't mind having a few of those myself. :) Had some gold pearls in my hand today, but put them back....

    You have to try Idye from Dylon Cold water dye. It works on synthetic fabrics also. I dye EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe at my house. You can even stain furniture with it and it's very safe.

    Sugar kitty is too spoiled to be held. I'm afraid I have ruined her for any hard life. LOL I need to see a picture of this Harry!

  2. You look great! Those pants look way more expensive than $10. Very nice outfit. Love Visible Monday!

  3. Leopard always gets an A+ from me!

  4. Hee! I love Stacy & Clinton, but I think we should all horrify them once in awhile. (Just to shake things up). You look great! I wouldn't have thought to pair pink with leopard, but those tones look really nice together.

  5. You look wonderful in your leopard print + color! And I really love your mix of necklaces. I miss Harry today! Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday.

  6. I love those jeggings! I have a bad back..maybe I will take up Yoga! Kiah

  7. I am SO impressed by the jeggings--they don't look like jeggings at all! Paula at FashionOverFifty coaxed me into wearing mine once. I did and haven't worn them since, but mine are skin tight.

    My mother a breast cancer survivor has the same back condition...and does exercises for it as well.

  8. good luck with the yoga--and no one probably notices that your jewlry may go to one side!
    Love the leopard--and dont you just love jeggings?

  9. I love that fun jumble of necklaces!