Thursday, July 7, 2011

Accessory OCD

I admit to a bit of OCD. (Actually, a lot.) When I get really interested in something, I go all out. If it is something I am trying to figure out, then I get a bunch of books about the subject. When I fall in love with a item, I really try hard to find it.
Earlier this year, I found a vintage articulated fish with dangling scales necklace on ebay. The first one I found I was outbid on. So, I went on a search for another one, an in doing so, I found it was made in many different colors. That lead me on a search to find as many different colors as I could. Some that I found were priced out of my range. The ones I could get reasonably, I purchased. Along the way, I discovered owls from the 60's and 70's. I had a thing for owls back then, but I had gotten rid of them over the years. I limited myself to just two owls. Pretty good for me.

Here are pictures of my vintage necklaces.

Vintage Owl & Fish Necklaces

Close up of the Pink Scaled Fish

Shortly after I purchased the vintage fish above, I discovered that Fashion Bug had a reproduction of it for sale. It is very similar, but not as well made as the vintage fish. The chain is much lighter weight than the vintage fish. It would be easy for someone who had never seen the vintage fish to sell the repro on ebay as a vintage piece.

These are really fun necklaces to wear on a hot day when I do not want to wear a statement necklace which tends to be heavy and hot.

I hope you enjoy seeing my school of fish.


  1. The fish is a cool necklace! (And I'm OCD on topics I'm interested in too!)

  2. Hi, I liked your comment on the blog of The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow! So I'll follow. I wrote about older women that still are beautiful (and have a lot of money, so the media and big companies have to rethink their image of us - what they are doing right now, but very slowly in Germany). My publisher is still thinking whether such a theme is a risk :-)

  3. Oh my God! You are my soulmate and I'm glad I found you, yeah! I also think accessories are very, very important and also keep the buttons torn from old clothes in boxes of cookies.

  4. What terrific fun those necklaces are.

  5. Sooooooooooooooooo lovely all of them

  6. I loooove vintage owls. I get OCD about these things too, and I'll wear my owls every day for weeks straight. Then I'll switch to turtles. Your scaled fishes are beautiful.