Thursday, March 8, 2012

Would you wear bright pink jeans? (And don't forget the necklace giveaway!)

I would! When I was thinking about this post, I remembered that I used to wear a lot of different colored pants. Coral, turquoise, green, red and lavender. Back in the early 90's, Dockers made a lot of different colored pants that had color coordinated tees and shirts. I bought a heap of them and wore them proudly.

With all the colored jeans now available, I debated about getting these hot pink colored skinny jeans. Lane Bryant had a big everything 40% off sale recently so it seemed like an opportune time to give them a try. I was quite surprised to find out how many things I have that they can be easily worn with. These jeans don't  fit as well as NYDJ, but they are a whole lot less expensive.  To be honest, I didn't wear this today as I did not get out of the house. However, I had planned to wear it this week, so I decided to put it on and take some pics. The jacket has little hot pink tweed flecks, so it does look good with the jeans.
Jacket: Consignment
Lace Tee: Chico's
Cami: Coldwater Creek
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Payless
Airedale: Harry
  I am wearing another of my Elizabeth Taylor for Avon pieces. The necklace is the Forever Violet from 1994. It originally retailed for $98.00.  I also took a picture of another piece I have, the Katherina Maltese Cross Pendant, which can be worn as a pin or pendant.
Elizabeth Taylor for Avon
Last night I found the original box for the necklace that I have that is like the one I have in the Giveaway. I thought I would put a bit more information about it here. Elizabeth Taylor for Avon was very high quality costume jewelry. For those of you who might have seen other Avon jewelry, there is no comparison. There were several designers who created lines for Avon including Kenneth Jay Lane and Jose Maria Barberra.

The insert in the box says:
"Hammered medallions plated with 22 karat gold, are artfully linked to form a necklace.. All are lightly antiqued and, as in the case with authentic treasure coins, there are slight variations in color."

This piece is featured in the book "Identifying Avon jewelry" by Sandra Sturdivant. This book values it at $150.00, although I have found it for sale ranging from $50.00 and up.  It is a very collectible piece and will no doubt continue to grow in value. Please go to my Giveaway post to leave a comment for your chance to win this beautiful necklace.


  1. The pink jeans are terrific, Debbi - and you show them as quite versatile too. I am looking for a lace tee like yours -- does yours require a cami, or do you just prefer one? Hi Harry!!

    1. I absolutely must wear something underneath it. It is very sheer. I just won't do anything sheer without something underneath. I'm not brave enough to go without.

  2. Thanks Debbi - I don't do sheer without a sturdy cami either, I even prefer a full tee under very sheer tops.

  3. I like those pink jeans. I wish we had a Lane Bryant. The nearest one closed a few years ago.

  4. The pink pants are awesome. the best thing about pants is being able to wear any color. I love the mix of lace and tweed. You always to great things with texture and color while keeping the silhouette consistent.

  5. I like the pants. They should be easy to wear across late Winter and into Spring, maybe even summer. I've seen a lot of red pants around and I think I like pink better.

  6. I love the pink pants! Great choice with the jacket. Have a good weekend!

  7. I think you did a great job with the pink jeans! You're so comfortable with great is that?! It looks great with the jacket to kind of balance it all out. LOVELY!!! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  8. How funny! I just ordered fuchsia skinnies yesterday...yours look great on you. Such a lovely deep pink.

    Have a lovely weekend, Debbi!
    xo, Adrienne

  9. I like colored jeans but it just take some courage for me to wear them...since they are so attention grabbing. you look great in your pink pants. I like it with your top. That's a beautiful necklace by the way...very exquisite and sophisticated design.


  10. Love the outfit!!1 i think you'll get lots of wear out of those this spring/summer. I'm thinking of taking the colored denim plunge myself and making some orange cropped jeans for spring.

  11. Loving colored jeans right now and yes, they do remind me of my younger days (I am no spring chicken)! lol I especially like the pink and red. Super cute cap toe shoes too! Kiah

  12. I just love your adventurous fashion spirit! The hot pink jeans look awesome. I reeeeeally adore those cute black and white shoes with the outfit. Where'd you get those? I have one pair of black patton flats I thrifted and I think I've only worn them once. Seeing yours has inspired me to find more ways to wear mine.

  13. Pants have a great color...greetings...

  14. You wear your pink jeans VERY well!! The necklace is lovely!
    My plan for spring is to wear more colors...thanks for the inspiration!


  15. Debbi, those jeans look fantastic! I am scared of color but took a risk and did it. I am going to show my mother your pictures so she can be inspired. You are spring ready! xo