Thursday, May 10, 2012

BB Creams - the latest craze on the beauty scene

Until I have some outfits to post, I thought I would share this information that I have been researching for a few days. My knee is improving every day. While keeping it iced, I spent some time on the computer doing something I hope was constructive!

It is so timely that Tamera of Menopausal Supermodel posted about trying the new Garnier BB cream. I have been doing some research on them after I stumbled on a YouTube video about them while researching how to get platinum blond hair. Isn't it funny how you can start out looking for one thing and end up on something totally different? Before I get into more information about them, let me say that what I am writing is what I have found in doing research on them. I hope I am not giving you any incorrect information, but it is possible.

What are BB creams anyway?

BB stands for Blemish Balm, although in the US they are often referred to as Beauty Balm's. The originated in Germany where it was used by dermatologists to help patients recovering from laser procedures and surgery. The use exploded in Asian countries after some Korean actresses revealed that they used them. (Evidently, Asian women are no different than American women in being influenced by celebrities.) They have been available in Korea and Japan for several years but have only become popular recently in the US. A number of companies are now producing them for sale in the US. Garnier, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Dior, Boscia, Dr Jart+, and Stila are some of the many companies now selling them within the US. Some of the more popular Asian cosmetic companies producing them are Missha, BRTC. Hanskin, Skin79, SkinFood, and Dr Jart+. 

What is different about BB Creams?

BB creams are reputed to be a combination product supposed to be a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen. From the reviews that I have read and video's that I have listened to, most users love them.  Some users wear only the BB cream and others use it as a base for their foundation. It does seem as though you do have to try a number of them to find the one that is just right for your own skin type. 

 I found an excellent source of reviews and information about BB creams here. You can spend hours watching You Tube videos on the products and reading different reviews by beauty bloggers.  

I have yet to try them, but I do have a couple on order: Lioele Triple the Solution and BRTC Gold Caviar. Once I get them and try them I will do a review on how they work or don't work for me. l am particularly interested in the high SPS that is supposed to be a part of this product. I don't know about you, but I am awful about putting on sunscreen on a daily basis. Worse than awful because I rarely put any on unless we are going to be at a swimming pool which happens about once a decade. 

I have plans to go to Sephora tomorrow to check out the Dr Jart+ products. I love that you can sample the products there before purchasing. 

Tamera of Menopausal Supermodel has tried the Garnier BB cream and gave it a good review. Has anyone else tried one of these creams? If so, which ones and do you like it? I will be interested in seeing if they live up to the hype of being such a wonderful product.


  1. I really like the idea of BB creams, but like most make-up products the sunscreen rules it out for me. I burn in the sun - no doubt, but sunscreen flares my acne up consistently no matter what it's in. I'd rather have clearer skin and stick to taking my walk at dusk and keeping out of the sun.

    Goodluck on your sample quest. I hope you find one that works for you. They do have a great reputation for being a miracle product.

  2. Glad you and Tamera are investigating this for me. I am curious about the relationship between price and performance. And good wishes for continued knee recovery!

  3. Thanks for checking this out - I await your reviews. Like most of us, I love to try new skin products, even though I know the hope exceeds reality!

  4. glad to hear that your knee is getting better. Looking forward to "see" you soon. Yes I heard so much about BB cream, I bought one (maybeline) for myself. Yet to try it. But the best part about BB creams is that it doesn't clog the pores!


  5. I totally need some of this stuff! Glad you are doing ok. Kiah

  6. I'll have to try a BB cream....the older I get, the more I'm trying to take care of my skin! Happy Mother's Day and hope you feel better! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. I have not tried any BB creams but I have amped up my regime to include some anti aging ingredients from the mature skin line by Avene.

  8. I've not tried this, but you've got me curious if it would speed the healing on a couple of stubborn patches on my face. Glad to hear that your knee is on the mend.

  9. I can say I've noticed the roscea looking patches on my cheeks have calmed down considerably since using the BB cream. The Garnier product has a nice price point (I think I paid $5.99 at CVS on sale) I plan to try others whenever I haul my butt down to Ulta.

    Hope the knee is healing quickly Debbi!!

  10. I do not need BB creams...but I do need FF know, Firm the Flab!!

  11. I've used the Garnier BB cream, and I didn't like it. I found it greasy, shiny and gloopy. I'll stick to my moisturiser, sun block and mineral foundation!

    I'm 48 and have combination skin - I think maybe if my skin were dryer the BB cream might have suited it better. I don't get on with tinted moisturisers, either.

  12. I'm aware of the product since early in the winter and just happen to find it in a special price.I'll try it and tell you what I think. Get better soon.

  13. I have heard about BB cream a lot, I think it's all the rage first in Asia, never tried it though

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  14. Thanks for doing some of the research for me! I've been meaning to look into them, but keep forgetting. I'll be interested to know what you think.

    Glad you're on the mend!!!

  15. I love my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, but I'd be willing to give it a shot!