Thursday, February 16, 2012

A fun Thursday at the Thrift Store

Today I am wearing two pieces I purchased at thrift stores. I also went to one of my favorite stores, the YMCA Treasure Chest. I found a red ultrasuede duster, a White House/Black Market scarf, a Fossil belt I will use to make some bracelets, and a White Mountain handbag. It is funny how you can go so many times and find nothing and then all the sudden, there are the treasures.

Silk Blouse: Jones New York Thrifted
Vest: Orvis
Jeans: French Dressing Jeans
Booties: Thrifted
Monogram: Max & Chloe
Pearl and Chain: Forever21
Heart chain: Old (probably would be classified as vintage, but I have had it
since it was new.)
 Mr. Harry was his usual silly self and decided that not only did he want his picture taken, but he also wanted someone (me) to play ball with him. Playing ball involves a lot of slobber and me throwing the ball like a girl. I cannot throw worth a darn, so he doesn't get to run very far to catch it.

Is anyone else having a hard time with the new "prove you're not a robot" word verification that blogger has changed? I am having a horrible time reading some of them. I tried 5 times to enter it on one blog. I am with Sacramento on this one, I hate word verification and wish everyone would just turn it off. Here is her post on how to turn word verification off on your blog . Note the screen captures of the verification--those are easy to read, the newer ones are horrid. I am betting a robot could read them more easily than I can. I don't want to offend anyone, but gosh it takes time to comment on blog and it sure is not a pleasure trying to input cockeyed words just to leave a comment.


  1. Yes! isn't thrifting fun????
    I agree, I hate the new word verification! I don't have it on my blog and will get 1 or 2 spams a month, I just delete them.

  2. Great finds at the thrift store! Your pup is so cute. Nicely done with the layered necklaces!

  3. I agree all round: thrifting is like a treasure hunt - some days are diamonds, some days are stones : > I love your silk blouse and necklaces together. Harry is handsome as ever, loving the camera. And YES, the new word verification is the devil!

  4. Thrifting is so much fun! I also find it very relaxing and Zen-like to go through everything with such focus. I love when I find a treasure.

    Your Harry is such a handsome fellow. :)

    I hate all word verification! Just approve all your comments and you can check everything and choose what to publish. Blogger has a pretty good rate for spam detection on blogs.

  5. Debbie, that was so helpful as I know it was probably my blog that made you not want to comment When I went to Sacramento's blog, I busted out laughing at that post. I feel like reposting it but I will, like you, direct people to her blog. Ok, Harry is human, and I want to take him on a doggie date!!! He is so darn cute, Debbie. I wish we lived near each other as I do so many other bloggers for so many reasons. I can't wait until we all can meet up someday. We have to make this happen. Love the color of your pants...what a great neutral. I just found a similar color at the thrift. Something about thursday brings great luck to thrifters. Have a great weekend darling Debbie. Dawn Suitcase vignettes xo

  6. haha...HArry is so cute I guess he couldn't resisting taking a picture with his pretty looking owner. I really like the color scheme of your outfit, you make these neutral colors come alive with the juxtaposition of different fabrics and pattern. Very nicely co-ordinated. The accessories are just the right touches! Now I am trying to resist the urge to ask you if you made the accessories every time I see them.


  7. 1) I hate -- DETEST -- word verification & capcha in all shapes, sizes and forms.

    2) When I get to a site that has it, I just keep hitting the renew (it usually looks like two little arrows going in a circle) until I get an easy-to-read word, then I type it in.

    (And yes, if any bloggers who use word verification are reading this & wondering, I DO sometimes just say forget it, not worth the effort, forget the comment & unsub from your blogs.)

    //soapbox rant over//

    And yes, Harry is adorable, as usual!

  8. I'm with ya sister! Hate WV. But on a good note great job thrifting! I have been working 11-12 1/2 hr days this week and honestly don't know if I'll have it in me to go on Saturday.
    I don't really have a new job just the take over of our little company by a mega company that has so many bosses and owners that it makes my brain swim!
    going to bed now............Sweet dreams to you

  9. I've been having trouble with the WV too. My eyesight isn't what it used to be. How many thrift stores are there in Wichita. DH and I have been known to drive further and further afield to find ones that are new to us. I too have noticed that it is often feast or famine in these places.

  10. Fab vest, and congrats on thrifting boots! I suck at thrifting shoes.

    I hate the word verifications. I hate to admit, but I am far less likely to even follow a blog that uses them. I've accidentally closed comment windows thinking it's gone through and a word verification has popped up.

  11. You did good!! Great pieces and sounds like your YMCA shop is a good one!!

  12. Harry is definitely your cutest accessory!!!
    love the outfit--I really like Jones New york stuff--good quality and it fits so nicely!!
    You definitely scored well at the thrift. I know how it is-sometimes it's nothing but junk and then the next time it's too much fabulosity!

  13. Hooray! Great finds! I went secondhand shopping the same day, but didn't find a thing. (Boo!)

    I laughed when you said a robot could do better than you at outwitting WV. That's exactly how I feel when I forget my password and then can't remember the answer to my OWN security questions because I over-think it. ("Would that be my first childhood pet or first adult pet? First name only, or first and last name?") WV is a pain but I just keep refreshing until I get one I can handle.

  14. Hey Debbi - I love your whole ensamble you having going there - cute vest, great accessories and those booties look so nice and comfy! I have trouble finding plus size clothing in thrift shops but one just opened up the street from me and I actually found two nice tops and a pair of shoes so I was very HAPPY! Stop by and link up with me this weekend if you get a chance - thanks doll!

  15. That outfit is a nice combination of dusty colors.

  16. It's so true how sometimes you find nothing and the next day tons of stuff.I like how you pilled up your chains. You get a new look with old nice!!!

  17. always very stylish dear! ;)
    love the mix you did with the necklaces :)
    have a great weekend

  18. love the layered necklaces! and yes, I agree -- I hate the word verification. Some times it has deleted my post completely. I don't have the verification on my blog because I found out that blogger was pretty good at catching the spam even if you didn't have it. voila. Thanks for asking about me -- it was sweet of you. I have just been so burned out and exhausted lately. could barely put one foot in front of the other.