Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday wonderings

Today I met my best friend from work for lunch. I arrived at the cafe first and was surprised to see another person I used to work with there eating with his wife. He had retired a few years before I did and I have seen him a few times since then. I was really happy to see them. Wichita is a fairly large city (380,000) but it seems like a small town at times. We ate at Cafe Maurice, a wonderful restaurant featuring Lebanese cuisine. One of the owners, Therese Srour, came to our table with a plate of the most wonderful hummus. It was so smooth, creamy, and delicious. I will definitely eat there again, even it if is clear across town on the far east side. 

Here in Wichita, there is an east side/west side rivalry. Many eastsiders never venture west and vice-versa. Living near downtown, but on the west side of the Arkansas river, I will go both east, west, north, but rarely south. I wonder if that is typical for most cities? The east side here is where all the really nice shops are located, so it is considered to be the more upscale part of town.  Do you have a "side" rivalry in your town?

I decided today to wear a jacket that I rarely wear because it is very long. The weather today was lovely, so it was easy to wear it as both jacket and outer coat. I was already dressed and ready to go when I noticed that my purple finger nails did not look great with the outfit.  I said to heck with it and just wore the outfit anyway.

Jacket: Embroidered Coldwater Creek
Blouse: Dillards
Jeans: FDJ Side Zip Leggings
Shoes: Helle Comfort
Necklace: Forever 21

The back of the jacket is also embroidered.
 I almost did not post that last picture. Whoa! I don't normally see myself from behind and this is not a very flattering picture, even if it does show the embroidery well. I am thinking that this jacket is going to go to consignment. Or, I could make a couple of pillows out of it.


  1. I like that last photo. It shows off the lovely details. I hope you keep that coat - it's very pretty.

    I love Lebanese food. I had a Lebanese roommate in college who made the best tabbouleh and hummus.

    My town is very small, but we live near a small city of about 165K people. The east side is definitely safer and prettier (imo) than the west side.

  2. Todas las señoras de nuestra edad, nos vemos así en la parte de atrás, jajajaa, muy alegre la chaqueta, así el invierno no nos entristece, gracias por compartir tus fotos. cariños desde Argentina

  3. I like the jacket very much, front and back. It's interesting to read about how your city is "segmented". In our county, to live "beachside" (and we do) is considered more upscale, I suppose, although there is a wide range of housing and shopping here, from mobile homes to mansions. There are dollar stores and pawn shops within a few blocks, as well as pricey jewelry stores. So I guess we are a blended town!

  4. Mmm, I actually had some veggie hummus in the fridge and had to go eat some when I read this post. Yum! I think the designs on the jacket are lovely. If you didn't pay much for it or you're afraid you won't get a lot on return, I think a DIY project would be a great idea for it.

    If there are rivalries in my area, I'm oblivious to them. I love exploring and finding anywhere with interesting stuff.

  5. I like the long jacket, it's really a light coat.

    My hometown had a west/north breakout. The Old West part of town is an area with stately old homes. Unlike Topeka, the town was too small to have been officially segregated; I have photos of my Dad in the 1930s in elementary school where the class had black and white students, but Black people often lived across the river on the North. In more modern times most of the new residential development has been to the West.

    My Wichita relatives live to the East. My impression of Wichita is that it's a town with lots of fences. Probably they're to break the wind but it's given me the impression of a community with distinct boundaries within it.

  6. Are you kidding me? The jacket is beautiful and you look great in it! Remind yourself of this next time you wear it: everyone else is so ultra-busy worrying about how they look that it doesn't really matter a whole lot what you put on as long as it makes you feel FABULOUS! That's what people will notice. It's connected to what Patti wrote about in her last blog post. If you rock it, you rock it - period. And you do.

  7. I agree rocked it! It's so much fun to get dressed up in something fun and go to lunch at a cool place!

    Make sure you enter my contest for this fabulous purse and necklace!!

  8. Your jacket is quite lovely. I know how you feel. I often feel the same way the first time I wear something in public! Most times things either things grow on me or I get tougher skin.
    Bottom line is I am caring less and less what people think. Trying to keep my style what's important!
    Oh, just listen to me. Next post I'll be doubting myself all over again. I guess I talk a big game!

  9. what a delightful coat, I like all the embroidery.So beautiful! I like it that you made the outfit neutral tone to emphasis the embroidery details!


  10. The jacket is STUNNING!! I would keep it!

  11. That jacket looks really lovely on you! Compliments your hair color perfectly! I think you should keep it!

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  12. This is a beautiful jacket. My little town (7500) has a divide, East side/West side, along class lines. And Kansas City is mostly segregated along Troost Avenue although there is a strong community effort to overcome this unspoken divide.

  13. I think it would be a shame if change this jacket! I love this on you~and it looks great from behind--shows the details!!!

  14. I too think you look great in this jacket- but you know best. However, if your dissatisfaction is just with the rear view then you should not judge it too harshly if, as you say, you don't see yourself from that angle very often. It takes a while to get used to seeing ourselves *properly* from the angles others around us see all the time. I always try to put a profile shot on my blog because that's the view I like the least (weak chin, bad posture, extra chins- I've got a million complaints.) Forcing myself to do this (and sometimes I really do have to force myself to post a side shot) has made a big difference in how I've come to see myself- I'm getting much more familiar with how I look in profile and seeing these photos no longer makes me want to go around with a bag over my head. I still don't love my profile but I'm no longer convinced that I look hideously deformed from the side. I blathering on a bit here but what I really want to say is don't get rid of a beautiful coat because you're not yet used to seeing your butt. It looks great to everyone else.

  15. Very nice embroidery, adds charm to your jacket...

  16. The detailing on the jacket is beautiful. Of course the final decision would be yours, possibly made on how you feel when you wear it but does look fab on you. Your lunch sounded wonderful; there is a Greek restaurant no too far from us that has wonderful hummus. It seems almost every community has invisible divisions. When you get out of Marion County, which is Indianapolis, the county to the north has several upscale communities. I like where we live; it's an area of average people trying to make their way in the world. Give my best to Master Harry.

  17. Great coat and very nice embroidery,also the right lenghth. But it takes a bit of courage to wear as it's a bit unusual.If you keep the style classic ans chic this coat will look unexpectantly normal.

  18. That is a perfectly wonderful jacket...but i do agree with you that the length is all wrong. If you don't sew - take it to a seamstress - and have her hack off that last row of big paisley style loops. The cut point is to include that little row of white/beige. That should do the trick.

    ALSO if you don't mind -- you have a great face but those GLASSES-- frame size may be alright, but look at your photos. your hair color, skin and glasses are all about the same. I think you might want to get a darker frame. I too wear glasses, and this is what i do; I get one pair at my local shop. I WANT to make sure the perscription is right. I wear them for a 2 week period. Then I Order other glasses on line. There are all sorts of companies on line.
    I won't mention them here on line - I'VE used 3 and was happy with each.

    You will be shocked to see what you can get for under 100 dollars.That includes my high index poly lens, UV coating AND bi-focal or blended dual lens. Glasses are an accessory just as much as shoes, earrings, scarves etc - except one wears them every day. just a thought - but now that I am in the aging Boomer time - having great and changing glasses helps me get thru the other not so pleasing aspects of my aging face1

    1. West Coast Boomer you are very brave to be so honest, but I do truly agree with your diplomatic remarks about glasses. I had to start wearing glasses after 31 years of wearing contacts and I always chose dark frames, of course I have a confession...I hated wearing glasses and finally got lasik at the ripe old age of 57. That has a downside too,though, I wondered what those things under my eyes were--yikes, they were wrinkles which had been hidden by my glasses for 7 years. But now I get to wear cool sunglasses and they hide my wrinkles, a win win situation!!

  19. First of all Debbie darling, they probably thought you looked great when they saw you by surprise. Didn't they? How many people retire and go on to become a fashion blogger? Anyway, you do look great! I love the jacket on you and from got it going on girl! Stop by my blog if you get a chance...I need some blogger love and support. Thank you Debbie! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo