Monday, February 13, 2012

Visible Monday & snow!

Today I am linking up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. It is a snowy, c-c-cold Monday here in Kansas. This is the first really measurable snowfall we have had this winter. I would be perfectly happy with snow if it did not end up on streets or sidewalks.  Back when I worked, I would be a nervous wreck by the time I got to work. My hands almost had to be peeled off the steering wheel and my muscles would be stiff and sore from tensing up so much. Fortunately, I don't have to drive anywhere today so I can sit at home and just look out at it.

My outfit today is really bright colors. You have seen the jacket and jeans before.  I think I was laughing at Harry who was being very silly as usual.

Jacket: Chico's
Top Ann Klein
Jeans: Purple NYDJ
Booties: Arche

Me & Harry "The Ham"
Arche Booties
I got my Arche booties from eBay. I thought they would be plenty large as they were a size 38 which I normally wear, but these babies run small. I cannot wear socks with them as they fit like a glove without them. So, when it is really cold, these boots don't get worn. The leather is just so soft though and the color is gorgeous. It is so hard for me to get shoes on eBay. Even with accurate measurements, they often don't fit correctly.

Please visit Not Dead Yet Style for the Visible Monday linkup. It is always fun to see what everyone is wearing to be visible.


  1. Love that smile!!! Send me this picture and I will feature you in the sidebar where I have been putting bloggers and their is the best accessory...and a hot pink vest isn't bad either!!

  2. You look great in bright colors...that pink is so vibrant and cheery!

    Love seeing Harry every week. He looks like such a happy guy.

  3. Hi Debbie!

    Your jacket caught my eye, the perfect antidote to the cold. Yesterday in the subway I thought why is everyone wearing black? If I ever need to buy a new winter coat, it won't be black! My current coat is green :-)
    I also like the painting in the back.
    I clicked through some of your earlier postings - your black leather jacket looks awesome, too!
    Have a fun visible Monday!
    It's freezing in Vienna, too. For 2 weeks already. The longest frost-period since the beginning of the records.

  4. PS: please excuse the extra "e" I added to your first name.

  5. You and Harry are a wonderful pair, for Visible Monday or any day. Love those new Arche boots - too bad about the squeeze. I have the same problem when buying from eBay, but they do have great deals. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  6. Love the color today! The print on your blouse is very fun, and looks great with the fuchsia jacket. Also how cute are those booties. Sorry they're a bit small! I usually have pretty good luck with European styles, but constantly have to watch the shape and size of the toe-box for fit.

    It's even cold here in TN where we've had 60 degree days well into January. I'm so cold today even my wool socks aren't beating off the chill.

  7. I totally agree with Pam! Love your smile!! It brightens up your colorful outfit even more!

  8. Debbie, seriously, I love Harry the Ham!!! Your jacket is gorgeous and i just recently asked a woman at work who was wearing the same color but different style jacket where she got it. Just lovely on you. What a great piece for Spring too. I know what you mean about driving in the snow...I don't have to go as far anymore, thank God! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes, happy V Day! xoxo

  9. The boots and the jacket are both beautiful colors. I'm so glad that I didn't have to drive to campus today. Given the forecast, I've been working on DH to drive me tomorrow when I MUST go. Stay warm.

  10. Love the colors in your outfit today. And I do have a soft spot for a ruffled top. The purple jeans are great and I now think I need a pair. haha
    I've never bought shoes from eBay...or any clothing, because I'm afraid it won't fit. I'm a tryer on er. lol And even then, I sometimes get home with shoes, think they're comfy, wear them to work....wrong! Oh, my aching feet. But, that doesn't happen too terribly often and at least I've only spent a few dollars on them. But it is disappointing when I really liked and wanted to wear them. I remember my grandma used to put those shoe tree things in her shoes to stretch them out.

  11. Hi Debbie!

    Happy Valentine to you!

    Love the color of your shoes,too bad they are a bit too small for you.
    I adore the color of your top.

    Ariane xxxx

  12. That jacket and blouse look marvelous together. So cheery and bright! That makes a nice antidote to a snowy day. (I had to laugh at your description of driving to work in the snow-- I am EXACTLY the same way!)

  13. That pink jacket is awesome, especially for cold dreary days!

    My cousin was actually telling me about Chico's a few months ago. I've never ordered anything from there before, but it's definitely on my "check it out" list.

  14. I love the collar on that jacket.

    The highlights in your hair keep looking better and better.

  15. Jacket in a beautiful color...I greet...

  16. great outfit, love the jacket, this strong colours look good on you :)

  17. You look really gorgeous in pink, dear friend

  18. Debbi--you look so pretty in bight colors--LOVE the jacket. and the shoes...sigh! what a stunning color!!

  19. I love the top ,so full of colors and easy to combine.