Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emerald green and white

Not too long ago, I saw a store window display that had an emerald green blouse and white pants which grabbed my attention as I walked past the store. It stopped me in my tracks. I knew that there was no way I could either afford or fit in the outfit from the upscale boutique. 

I started watching for an affordable emerald green top. I stopped in at Coldwater Creek not expecting to find anything. I found both an emerald green tee and a silky top. I decided to go with the silky textured top because it could be dressed up and down more easily. I almost did not buy it because the plus-sized top was $10.00 more than the regular size. I know it takes more fabric to make a plus-size top but it also takes a lot less to make an extra-small one. They don't charge $10.00 less than the regular size for XS, so why charge so much more for 1X? If they gave the XS and S and petite sizes a price break, I could agree with the 1X + being more money. I will stop my rant now, but it does frustrate me.

My outfit today is inspired from the original outfit, but I chose a white jacket rather than white pants. I need to find just the right pair of white pants before trying that combo.

Jacket: CJ Banks
Top: Coldwater Creek
Trouser Jeans: Dressbarn
Sandals: Think! Julia

We also took some photos by the fence between our neighbors house and ours. Ilsa & Jim our neighbors love gardening and have some lovely old fashioned roses growing on and through the fence. 

The necklace I am wearing today is a vintage necklace I have had for a long time. It is a favorite, but one I don't wear often. 

Vintage necklace
On the "knee" front, I don't have much news. I am rather frustrated trying to get the surgery scheduled.  I thought I had all the pre-surgery blood work done only to find out that I now need a chest x-ray and EKG that are only done certain days of the week and I now have to wait until next week for that. They won't schedule the surgery until that is done. ARGH! You would think that communicating would be easier in this electronic age, but it seems to get more difficult.   I'll just keep icing and try to be patient.

I thought I'd share a couple of rose photos. They vary in the color from bud to full bloom from cream to white. 

I hope you have all had a lovely Thursday.


  1. Green and white is a gorgeous color combination on you. It really highlights your complexion. Those jeans are pretty fierce too. Love the cut.

    As for the clothing prices - why don't they go ahead and charge all sizes the highest price? It just seems ostracizing to price off the rack clothing based on material. It may not seem as nice to the consumer, but the charge up and lack of charge down can be frustrating on a personal level as well as a monetary one.

    I am so sorry about all the tests! With the information age you'd think we could easily access a patient's entire history through a medical database and actually be able to inform patients wtf is going on. I really do hope they sort it out.

  2. Gorgeous color and I covet that necklace. Fantactic look today!

  3. If they make you have all the pre-op done before they'll schedule the surgery I'd assume that the wait for the surgery is short. At least I hope so!

    I had a wait for surgery one time that took 3 months. The idea of waiting to finish the pre-op in order to wait 3 months for surgery makes my blood boil even thinking about it.

    I think I'd like that shirt with white pants, but know what you mean about finding the right pair.

    1. I noticed that the "Choose Wisely" group has listed pre-operative chest x-rays in otherwise unsymptomatic patients as a procedure that's wasteful and should be eliminated.

      If they give you any more grief in your surgery journey I think I'd bring that up.

  4. I really like that emerald green, Debbi - I think you made a great choice. I've always objected to the extra price for larger sizes. Like Megan said, why not just price in your profit across all sizes? I mean, the "average" American woman is size 14, and the manufacturers know that. They don't charge more for size 10 shoes than for size 7, do they?

    Gorgeous roses!

  5. I think you look great in this outfit!! The colors are really appealing, the pants are good with the jacket and blouse, and the necklace is gorgeous. I think your comments regarding the price difference are totally justified!! It's crazy.

  6. I love the photo by the neighbors roses. This emerald blouse looks lovely in this incarnation, but I cannot wait to also see it with the white pants. And the necklace is perfect with it. Since I don't really shop retail much...guess I'm not too bothered by the price differentials, but your logic makes perfect sense to me.

  7. I love the picture of you by the roses. It looks like such a pleasant yard to be in. One of the reasons for the success of television shopping channels is that they not only price all sizes the same, but they also make available the same item (even designers) in all the plus sizes, too.
    Those jeans are sharp! Are they new?

  8. The the color of the blue stone in your neckace against the emerald green of your blouse is very pretty.

  9. I like how you grounded the look with your crisp dark denim, so the white blazer and emerald really pop, and the peek of white in your shoes really ties it all up. Beautiful, especially in front of those roses. The vintage necklace is a perfect choice here too.

  10. That's a pretty outfit. I wasn't aware of the different pricing for plus-sized clothes. That sucks! I agree with your rant over it.

    Thanks for sharing on my blog. I had the same problem growing up and have huge facial scars to remind me about it. That problem affected my life in a major way and I have deep sympathy for everyone else who suffered with it.

  11. Green is my favourtie colour!
    Your garden looks fabulous and I love that grouping on the front stairs...
    swooning over those white roses!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. Emerald green is a hot color this year--I love your combo with the white and dark blue pants!
    I hope yoiu get your surgery soon!! I know how frustrating it can be waiting!!

  13. I love how you have pinned your style with those lovely jackets and the often colorful blouses and not to forget the colored pants.And today's necklace looks special.just be strong and keep your calm.

  14. Such a Beautiful necklace my dear! Good luck on the 'knee' front...I know it can be a very frustrating process!

  15. I have no idea why I used to hate green years ago. Now I love it!

  16. this is such a lovely fresh look on you - that shade of green is really great and that necklace is stunning!