Monday, April 2, 2012

Visible Monday Brights Trending Through the Decades

Today I am linking up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday and Tammy of SilverStyle for Trending Through the Decades - Brights

My outfit today is really bright. I recently purchased this coral jacket at a consignment store. I hesitated to buy it because it is so bright and the fabric has a sheen on it. I really do like it, but goodness, it wrinkles something awful and I didn't expect that. Usually I will crinkle up a bit of fabric on a garment to see if it wrinkles, but this time I didn't probably because I was so distracted by the QVC tag still being on it. I am seriously thinking of buying a steamer to remove wrinkles. I have an intense dislike of ironing and irons. Iron's seem to know that I don't like them and go out of their way to burn me or the item I am ironing. (For those of you who are Terminator fans, I think Skynet snuck in intelligent irons as the first step in machine world domination.)

Jacket: Dialogue from Consignment
Tee: Coldwater Creek
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Sandals: Think!
I kept my jewelry to a minimum. I wore my Monogram necklace (not shown) and signature bracelets. I thought this outfit was bright enough to stand on its own. 

My nails are one of my favorite bright red polishes, Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar. I have a couple of nails on my right hand that have been peeling and breaking so I decided to try something different. I bought some Nailene glue on nails. I will have to wait until I remove them to really do a review on them. I do like them a lot as they look somewhat real and so far are not coming off. The perfect shape is a big clue to them not being real, but they do look lovely. 

My dear husband is still trying to get adjusted to his new shift work schedule so I haven't had any photos taken of my outfits. I am still dealing with my knee issues. My family Doctor thinks I may have a torn meniscus so I have an appointment to see a specialist this week. I am hoping he will be able to help me without surgery. 

On a side note, I thought I was experimenting with the new updated Blogger and ended up converting my blogs to the new template. I do not like the new template at all. When I was working I helped develop new software interfaces and did a lot of user testing. Programmers love to add new features which are often not what users want. Some of our programmers would accuse users of being Luddites and not like what the programmers gave them.  Sometimes that was true, but more often than not it was that the new interface didn't provide what the users needed for how they used the tool. Okay, I will get off my soap box now. Just sayin' new is not always better.

Please check out Visible Monday and Trending Through the Decades - Brights and enjoy some fashion inspiration created by real women for the real world.


  1. It's as bright as your smile! Good job! I play with my template constantly...maybe someday I will be happy with it!

  2. Brights really become you, Debbi! I agree with Pam, they match your bright smile. And I love the Think! sandals, such a cute and comfortable brand.

  3. I hear you about programmers and end users, Debbi - more communication is *always* needed! : > I really like your bright coral jacket, you look terrific. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday and have a great day.

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  5. Coral is such a hot color right now. And I like that you wore it with the cobalt.

    I am afraid to mess around with the template...I'd probably scramble my entire blog!

    Happy Monday!


  6. That color is great on you! I'm not really thrilled with my layout either. I kept it as basic as possible until the Hubs can take time to fix it up. It may just stay as-is for awhile. New is definitely not always better and I hate when things change for no reason, especially with all the problems google related sites are having lately.

  7. Hi Debbie!

    Bright coral is one of my favorite colors in warmer weather, along with periwinkle blue. I also detest ironing. In fact, I almost always wear my clothes defiantly wrinkled, occasionally scrunching and twisting some of my laundry before it dries entirely. That way it looks really intentional.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! As far as following me, I'm not sure what to say. I understand that the whole Google-follower-thing is soon to be obsolete? Plus being on Word Press, I'm not sure what to do. I tentatively asked my tech-guru (who's very young and somewhat brisk, shall we say)and I honestly don't remember what he said other I said, I can't remember. Clearly there was no definitive answer.

    If you have any suggestions, that would be great. I'm not extremely well plugged in, and I'm SURE there's an easier way, but I just bookmark sites I like and go from there. Again, any suggestions are welcome, and thank you for saying something!

    Love, Jean

  8. LOVE that jacket! Glad you decided to buy it. Though I sympathize about the wrinkles. I do not iron. I don't even own one anymore! So I suggest getting the steamer if you simply have to iron at all. :)

    Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog!

  9. I went back to the old blogger template after trying the new - you can switch back. I love your colour blocked outfit - the jacket is very pretty! Hope you sort your knee out.

  10. Coral and blue - two of my favorite colors and they look beautiful on you. Especially with a trace of lace peeking below your bright jacket. Sorry to hear about your knee and hope that you don't need surgery. I always like to hear about your tales of nails!

  11. I think coral and tangerine are the hottest colours right now.
    You wear that shade well.

    I dislike the new blogger format as well...
    "what is new is not always better!"

  12. I like all the brights on you and think that a steamer is a good investment. Your rant about programmers was music to my ears. Years ago when I first learned the basics of using a computer, I complained loudly to anyone who would listen about how the user was FORCED to adapt to the program. I suppose I could have learned to program myself...

  13. Hi Debbie!

    I love, love, love your bright tangerine top plus with the blue apnts it is fantastic
    I hate ironing! Mr. D purchased a second hand steamer, it is wonderful but the garment is a little damp afterwards, you have to l et it dry a bit before wearing
    Ha ve you ever heard of extreme ironing, check it out on YouTube

    I hope hour knee will be alrignt and let us know about the nail glue soon

    Ariane xxxx

  14. Love your bright coral jacket, Debbi. I thrifted a button down very similar to that today. It's from Chico's and I now realize maybe mine is more of a bright melon color rather than coral. A little disappointing because I am really wanting coral colors, but I still like it.
    And I totally agree with you about ironing. Don't like it. And the top I bought does seem a little wrinkly as you were mentioning yours is.
    I have not switched to the new blogger unless they did it for me and I don't even know it yet. I'm scared I'll mess up something on the new one and not know how to fix it.
    And what's this about no more Google Followers soon?? I don't like that either. What will happen to all our current followers I wonder?
    Hope you get a good report from your doctor about your knee....and no surgery necessary.
    (Sorry I've rambled too long in this comment.)

  15. Hi Debbie!
    I'm so glad the brights are so popular this season!! It makes me happy...I guess that's the idea? Your coral and blue make me happy! Very pretty color combo!
    I hope your knee problem gets resolved soon!
    Take care, Jeannie

  16. look gorgeous in this color block outfit. You look great in brights. It's a good thing that you picked up the blazer. i am regretting not getting a bright pink blazer i saw at the thrift store that day, it was $20 buy one get one free day.


  17. You look great. Love the color! I hope you can find a steamer at a thrift store. I hate to iron too...I end up ironing in wrinkles! Watch out for the artificial nails as they will cause your natural nails to peel and become more brittle. Try nail polish strips. They last for weeks and keep your nails from breaking ans peeling.

  18. I think the colour of your jacket really suits you - and I'm so exited about the idea of getting a steamer - I stink at ironing! I too have knee problems, and I'm due for surgery in August (that's what happens when you want someone special to perform the operation). Maybe it'll cure itself in the meantime so I don't need the surgery?

  19. Debbi--that color coral is amazing on you!1 I would've never thought of pairing it with the bright blue. It looks awesome!

  20. Hi Debbi! Coral looks so good on you! Great jacket. I love Sinful nail polish. If you wait for a sale, you can get 25 bottles for the price of one Chanel.
    I just bought a steamer for my husband for his birthday (which is today), and it is fantastic. I got a new Rowenta and it's worth the extra money. I wish I'd taken pictures of my yellow linen jacket before he steamed it. What a difference - the wrinkles are gone, without changing the texture or making the fabric all shiny.
    My mother uses an HMO and at 86, was pretty far down the list for her knee replacement. After three years, her knee actually repaired itself. The doctor was amazed. No arthroscopic surgery or anything. But my husband had to get both knees replaced and has been so much happier, free from all that pain and more mobile. Here's hoping for the best knee news for you.

  21. Debbie this is your color my friend ....own it. I am feeling better thank god. It was a tough 3 weeks but I am coming around. I think of you often regarding your situation. You are an amazing woman. Admirably. Dawn xo

  22. Hope everything is goes ok for your knee.The jacket is fantastic and nice fit ,too.some fabrics are supposed to be wrinkled so don't mind wrinkles that much. What i like more in this outfit is the cobalt blue pants of yours and how you used white top to balance the strong colors.Happy weekend.

  23. The color of your blouse is so lovely on you :)
    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement you left on my blog!
    I hope you'll stop by again soon.

  24. I hear you on the subject of ironing. Here is a post I did on life being to short to. Life is too short