Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tweed again

First, I would like to say thank you so much for all your well wishes to me while I was ill.  It was so kind of you to take the time to wish me well.

We had our first hard frost today and it was quite chilly outside. Yesterday, anticipating that we would have a hard frost, I took a picture of a coleus that I planted this year. It ended up being absolutely gorgeous.  I did not think it would end up so beautiful because it was beat leafless by a hail storm shortly after it was planted. In spite of the horrible heat it grew huge and the color was a brilliant red (more red than it appears here.)

The plaid tweed jacket I am wearing is one I purchased from ebay. I am not sure if ebay counts as thrifting since it is not really a thrift store, but then again, people sell preowned clothing like my jacket, so I guess it can be construed as thrift.

I went to the 1/2 of 1/2 store which is a lot like going to a thrift store since you have to do some looking to come up with a bargain. I purchased a red Ralph Lauren sweater from last year. One button was off, but I think I got a fairly good deal on it. You really have to go through things to find the bargains as some of the merchandise is damaged. I got a very pretty zig zag patterned sweater for 9.99. The loop holding the button was pulled loose, but otherwise it was in perfect condition. As is the case in thrift stores, the best bargains are in the smaller sizes.

Jacket - Chico's via ebay
Blouse - Chico's
Scarf - Chico's
Trouser Jeans - Dressbarn
Shoes - Helle Comfort

The jacket has tiny silver threads and is busy enough that I did not wear much jewelry.  I had added leopard shoe laces to my boots, but forgot to take a picture of them. They really did not show up well as my jeans covered them.

What do you think, can ebay be counted as thrifting?


  1. Where in the world did you get leopard shoelaces? I would absolutely love something like that--it'd turn my plain black lace-up ankle boots into something just that much different. (And maybe zebra, too . . . )

  2. I would have to qualify the ebay thing. They usually will say whether or not it is used or new.
    Love your jacket--and your coleaus! We got sort of a frost about a month ago; sort of patchy but nothing since.

  3. Oh the jacket is so Wow, Debbi. and I also need to know where to find leopard shoe laces. : ). I am giving you thrift credit for shopping on eBay b/c you do have to sift through a LOT of stuff to find the best bargains.

  4. Ebay is thrifting on steroids for me. Where else can you sort millions of pieces quickly and repeatedly? I find it helps me focus for those items I tend to overlook.....a long sleeve navy v-neck sweater, a gray wool pencil skirt, a soft pink layering cardigan. Those things never catch my eye in the thrift stores because they are so basic and plain. But then when I try to dress myself, these are very (missing) pieces that trip up every outfit I try to put together. Ebay rocks!

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  6. Great jacket! I'm not sure I'd call ebay thrifting. It's sort of it's own thing, like searching for vintage stuff via etsy. Ebay can get not-cheap very quickly, you have to pay shipping fees, etc. I can happily drive 2 minutes to my goodwill and buy things for 99p. Even if you won an ebay auction for something 99p, you'd probably spend like 7-10$ on shipping, plus waiting the time in transit.

    But ebay is a great deal for finding unique things at cheaper rates, finding that pair of shoes from two seasons ago that you just have to have, or even unloading stuff you don't want.

    I love ebay for its benefits, provided you know how to work with the disadvantages.

  7. nice outfit!!! enjoyed your blog..following you now,,hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!


  8. Another great and flattering jacket.
    Wouldn't it be nice to put some leaves of the coleus as a brooch on the black and white?
    We don't have as much thrift stores in our country as you do, so ebay is a very good alternative. And I can have a look to other european's country ebay.

  9. You can do Ebay from the comfort of your own home. But, it's often secondhand so I think it's pretty close. It's not that easy to buy things on Ebay if you get into an bidding situation, plus you have to wait for the shipper.

    I like the jacket a lot and think going light on the extras with it is a good idea.

    We're supposed to have a frost soon. I can't wait! I've been sniffing for weeks with fall allergies. It's time for all that flora and fawna to take a break.

  10. I love your jacket! eBay and I have been having a love affair lately! lol The coleus turned out beautiful! WOW! Kiah