Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A beautiful Tuesday

A couple of people asked where I purchased my leopard shoe laces. I think it was Famous Footwear, but when I went there yesterday, they did not have any in stock.
They are a fun touch on otherwise plain shoes. I also found some on ebay, but they do seem to be hard to come by.

Today was just a beautiful fall day. I have put away most of my warmer weather clothing, so I did have a challenge on what to wear on what is probably our last really warm day. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 35 degrees cooler and rainy. Well, we need the rain. 

Chico's Vest (The one I cut the sleeves off)
Coldwater Creek Tee
JMS Jeggings
B Makowsky ballet flats
My necklace is one I purchased several years ago at a trunk show at a local jewelry store. I would love to find the lady who made it. Her jewelry was so unique. This piece has a turquoise bead that she said came off a vintage hat. The cord is silk handwrapped over some sort of cord. There really are three cords even though it looks like there are only 2 on one side. I just love things that are one of a kind.

I also stopped by Chico's just to see what is new. There were several things I really liked in leopard print. I restrained myself and did not buy any new jackets! There were some really cool gloves that I thought seriously about buying but talked myself out of it. They were so soft and the gray snakeskin had a bit of shimmer.
Chicos gloves
I talked to the Sales Associates about the new Chico's Black Label items. No surprise, we will not get them at the store in Wichita.  It is so frustrating that these items will be available only in larger cities. Yes, I can order them, but there is nothing like being able to see and touch the merchandise.


  1. I am dying over those ballet flats, Debbi. They're super cute!

  2. I like the former jacket/vest. I like the seaming and detail in the main part of the jacket but the sleeves are always either too long on me, or stiff.

    You can always wear a sweater if it gets a lot cooler.

    Hope you get some rain!

  3. Love your ballet flats and necklace! I just found a consignment shop which has a whole wall for Chicos...I will probably stop by there often.

  4. Love the denim and yellow. You look great.

  5. I looove those flats. The heel detail really makes them unique. I'm dying over the gloves. Those are LOVELY. I hate when bigger cities are the only places to get certain merchandise. I live somewhere that doesn't have an H&M or stores like that.

  6. The B Makowsky ballet flats are gorgeous.

    I may have to see if I can find those snake skin gloves.

  7. That necklace is INCREDIBLE! What a statement piece! It would look fabulous with a simple black dress! You have to get those gloves from Chicos...they are amazing! Love your denim vest and those B. Makowsky flats are awesome. I own about 3 Makowsky handbags. He is one of my favorite handbag designers....such quality work! Kiah