Monday, October 3, 2011

Visible Monday - Yet more leopard!

This weekend, our Junior League sponsored a Holiday Galleria. Basically a shopping mecca for crazy ladies who love bling. I mean bling was everywhere! Especially on the rear pockets of jeans. That is one bling that I can't do; I don't need any more attention drawn to my behind with big, sparkly crystals. You would think that a really good fashion blogger would have taken a camera and taken some photos to share with everyone. Nope, forgot the camera!  Maybe I need to get one of the new phones that takes good pictures. I just don't like having to pay so much for more than basic service.

My Visible Monday outfit is a bit wild looking. This vest is one I have had a long time and rarely wore. I was going through my closet and thought I ought to get it out and wear it or get rid of it. I may still get rid of it as it is really not something I love. There is some leopard print in the vest, so I wore my leopard booties. (If you are wondering what is in my hair, it was windblown and my photographer did not tell me it was wonky.)
Blouse: Chico's
Vest: Coldwater Creek
Belt: From consignment shop
Jeans: JMS Jegging
Leopard Boots: Pencey

Harry has to sniff and lick everything!
Bracelet: From Holiday Galleria
 The bracelet is one of my purchases from the Holiday Galleria. It is a very unique piece made by a local woman. She wires together the stones and uses vintage jewelry for the center to make it look like a flower. A piece of an old western belt was used to form the cuff. It is tied together with strips of velvet. I really love unusual, unique pieces of jewelry, especially those that are handcrafted. I have a couple of other things I bought from a different artisan and I will share that with you in the coming days.

Have you ever bought jewelry from art & craft fairs or other sales where individual crafters sell their creations?


  1. Love your bracelet!! Very visible!! Our local Junior League does a similar sale and some year I will is always at a difficult time with my work...and I completely agree about bling on jeans pockets...don't need a neon sign there!!

  2. Your bracelet is doing something for me! YES!! I love it!! I am notorious for forgetting my camera!! lol Kiah

  3. OMG, that is the most adorable dog photobomb...what a face!

  4. That warm pink looks really nice on you. And the bracelet is so unique, what a clever idea on that part of the artisan.

  5. aw your vest is cute!

    <3 steffy

  6. I wore leopard again, too. I think it's a nice coincidence that we have been given permission from the trend experts. Not that we wouldn't do it anyway, right?

  7. Aww, Harry is too adorable here - sniffing at Mom's new treasures. I like the colorful vest with the leopard shoes! Come on over and post your pic, when you get a chance.

  8. I think the vest is cute, but I think you have cuter jackets and vests. I do love the shade warm shade of coral. The shirt is fabulous. I think it'd look excellent as a pop of color with one of your bxw jackets.

  9. @Megan Mae Megan Mae, I am with you on the vest. After seeing the pictures on the blog, I think it is not the most flattering piece of clothing I have and I am going to consign it when I can. There is a reason it was hiding in the closet!

  10. I love the bolder color on you! And especially the leopard shoes to pick up the bit of pattern in the vest. Whether you keep the vest or not, more bright colors are in order.

    I actually have bought jewelry at craft fairs! And I actually wear it.

  11. Debbi, I love this on you. Pink is your color!

  12. Leopard is always a 'winner' and I love that bracelet. And the coral!

  13. I just love it whenever the pup makes an appearance - and i'm always compelled to comment on it!
    Sounds like a fun day of shopping - but I agree with you -- no studs or diamonds on my back end! I'll stick to arms, neck and ears only!

  14. I like your post. I´d wish you take some time to check out mine.

  15. Great shoes.

    Love from Oregon USA,
    black and white stripes

  16. I like your use of bold statement accessories. Shopping for bling sounds like fun and that bracelet is wonderful. Great leopard print shoes!