Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Floral and Cheetah

Here is another styling of my NYDJ Cheetah wash jeans. This one is more traditional with a blazer and floral top. The top is a Jones New York that I got at the 1/2 of 1/2 price store and got an additional 30% off when I paid for it (a nice surprise.)  You have to be careful and look over the merchandise when shopping at this store. Some of it is damaged and really not worth anything and other items are just past season that did not sell. This was in perfect shape. 

We were experimenting on trying to set the tripod so the pictures are not so distorted and ended up with lighting that is funky. This top is red and bright pink not the orangey color that it looks like here. It reminds me of a kimono with the way it wraps and the ties on the side.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Blouse: Jones New York
Jeans: NYDJ Cheetah wash Sheri skinny
Booties: Helle Comfort

I didn't do any special accessorizing with this outfit as I did not leave the house yesterday afternoon.  I will do better tomorrow because I am going out for lunch.  I may have to change my blog name to "She Accessorizes Sometimes."

When I first retired, I thought I would still dress up every day and wear the same accessories I would have when I worked. Now with a year of retirement behind me, I find that my original assumption was faulty. There are some days when I do not get out of my yoga/exercise clothes because I'm not leaving the house. I do still get dressed nicely when I am going somewhere. For those of you who are still working, do you get dressed up even on weekends?


  1. I just love this blouse, Debbi - the colors and print suit you to a tee, and really brighten up a winter wardrobe. I think you dress beautifully on your "days off" -- much, much nicer than I do if I am staying home or just going to the market. I do put a little more effort into going out for lunch/movies, etc, but I think you've got me there too : >

  2. I do try to present myself the best I can even when going to the grocery. It's actually very hard for me to be super casual. Other than at home like now with my fluffy pants and fluffy robe while polishing my nails!
    You top is very flattering. Internet pics just don't grab color well.
    Have a great week and good luck with the tri pod!

  3. I love that blouse on you. The shape is very flattering, and I agree it does bring to mind kimono.

    I don't go to school everyday, but I do try to get dressed most of the time. Some days though, I will stay in sweatpants. Usually because it's rainy and I have no where to be. I don't blog on those days.

  4. I love this top with the "cheetahs". You've touched on something I'm very afraid of in my pending retirement. I know already that I really slack on weekends, feeling justified because I dress up three days a week. Only occasionally, do I work at styling the weekend look.

  5. Blouse in the flowers I really like it, You look great...I greet...

  6. I love mixing patterns! And what better than leopard and floral!
    looking lovely!

  7. those are my mom's fave jeans!!! sounds like you got a great deal on them. you look fab. loving that top!


  8. you look fabulous in the floral blouse, it does reminds me of a kimono. The jacket gives a more glam and work appropriate look. Thanks for the follow.


  9. I think the concept of a signature style gets around the "sometimes" factor. Your standards become your signature. I have a major allergy and wear a Medic-Alert bracelet. It makes me feel like I'm tagged so I've taken to always wearing some other bracelet on my wrist to keep it company - hopefully it won't distract the EMT's from finding it in an emergency . It may not be that noticable to others, but it's a little accessory that shows up, even on Saturdays.

    I like that wrap top. You've mentioned your fitting challenges, it seems like the wrap top, possibly with layers underneath, might be a jacket alternative for you?

  10. There is nothing more flattering than a wrap blouse! This is lovely!

  11. LOVE it with the florals!!
    I dress up for church but unless I'm going somewhere-you do not want to see what I'm wearing!! LOLOL

  12. I have this JNY floral printed blouse in the teal color. It is the button up with the ruffles in the front. I love this color more!! Kiah