Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's are for Thrifters

Today I will be linking up with Meagan from Spunky Chateau for Thursdays are for Thrifters. The Tahari jacket I am wearing was purchased for $3.99 from the Salvation Army. It is a bit too small through the middle for me, but I got it anyway as it is just so cute and such a pretty hot pink.  I am forever hopeful that I will one day lose some of my apple core.

I have become a recent convert to Not Your Daughter's Jeans. The Sheri Skinny is just perfect for me. I now have them in the dark purple shown here, red, cheetah, and coated denim. It is so wonderful to have them available in plus sizes in the more trendy colors and fabrics. While they are not true skinny jeans that fit the calf tightly, they are more straight on me and I couldn't ask for a much better fit. Even though they are called "Not your daughters" I think they would work on any age woman. You can find some on sale at
Jacket: Tahari thrifted
Blouse: Dillards
Jeans: Purple Not Your Daughter's Jeans (Zappos)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Saddle Oxfords
Scarf: Borrowed from my Mother

The scarf was made for my Mother by her friend Marilyn.
It is just beautiful! Very lacy. I wish I had one too.
Nail polish: Zoya Faye
The saddle oxfords I put on just for the picture and I probably would not have worn them otherwise (I was home all day and stayed barefoot here in the house). I bought them off ebay and they are too big for my feet. I need to relist them as they have never been worn outside. I wore saddle oxfords in high school and have loved them ever since. I will keep on trying to find a pair that fit comfortably.


  1. I LOVE saddle oxfords and those are uber cute!! Love Tahari. I buy that brand and LeSuit for church and business meetings! You scored some great deals. I'm going thrifting today! Kiah

  2. Found this link to Jeffrey Campbell showing some new saddle styled oxfords. Check it out! Also, wanted to let you know the key to wearing the fur vest without looking bulky is to wear it with light weight things underneath. Leggings, skinny jeans, body hugging dress. Kiah

  3. You really have the greatest smile, Debbi. Cute saddle shoes too. Did you ever watch Seinfeld? Elaine used to always wear saddle shoes, and she had a very fun, funky style. I can see why you hung onto that jacket; the color is so bright and cheerful.

  4. Love your color scheme here...the scarf is so much fun!! Now, I want you to know that you have many positives...tomorrow look in the mirror and find them!! I think you should set a goal this spring to show off your legs! I was sad to read that you cannot see your positives, but...they are there!! Please find them!

  5. Red jacket for a white blouse is a great choice...I greet...

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE saddle oxfords! They're just so classic looking! I just read Pam's comment and I COMPLETELY agree! I'm thinking we need to see a little leg! Hugs pretty girl! ~Serene

  7. I agree this jacket should be a keeper - you look great in these clear brights (love your mom's scarf too). And I adore those saddle shoes, too bad they are not comfortable, 'cause they sure are cute!

  8. That jacket is awesome. I personally like jackets that don't close all the way or hang open somewhat so you can see the shirt underneath.

  9. I love the saddle oxfords. I have a pair myself, though I don't wear them very often. The jeans DO fit you great. And the jacket has all sorts of possibilities.

  10. oh..that's a lovely scarf! Looks great with a simple classy white shirt and a red cropped jacket . The saddle shoes are my favorite


  11. That pink is you. I have a couple jackets that don't quite "button" yet over the gut but I wear them open anyway.
    I'm going to have to check out those jeans. CHEETAH??? be still my heart! Is there a pic of how you styled them?

  12. The pink jacket is just adorable and the shape is such that it dosent need to tie!
    LOVE the scarf! I want one!
    I remember saddle shoes in high school too. Never had a pair tho.

  13. Those jeans do fit you beautifully! Thanks for linking up at Thursdays are for Thrifters!