Monday, January 16, 2012

Visible Monday-Pretty Posies

Today, for Visible Monday, I am using an outfit that I wore a week or so ago. I hurt my knee in yoga on Thursday. I have been spending time with my leg propped up and iced. Why is it that as soon as you injure yourself, you think "I shouldn't have done that"? I was attempting a camel pose and when I leaned back, I heard and felt something pop in my knee. It didn't hurt much that day, but with each passing day I starting feeling more pain and have had trouble walking. Needless to say, posing for pictures hasn't been high on my list of things to do.

I told my husband I wanted to do some "poses" and this is one of the results. I am still trying to figure out how to look natural and yet not stiff.I look at other bloggers poses, but some just don't seem natural to me.  Any suggestions?

Jacket: TanJay from Dillards
Blouse: Dillards
Jeans: DG2 HSN
Shoes: Walking Cradles
 I purchased this necklace at a local boutique that features jewelry, clothing, and other items made by local artists. I couldn't resist this necklace made from vintage pins.   I think I need to do a bit of rework on it as the pin between the yellow and orange flowers keeps flipping over as it did in this photo.

Necklace: Rebecca's boutique
Named: Posies

Bracelet on left: Lucinda's boutique
Bracelets on right: Yurman
Michele watch
Nail polish: Revlon Blue Lagoon with Whimsical top coat
Please take a moment and go visit Not Dead Yet Style to see the styles the lovely Visible Women are showing today.  I am also linking up to Monday Mingle hosted today by BonBon Rose Girls. The linkup's sure make Monday a Fun day!


  1. You always find the most amazing pieces of jewelry. I love your nail polish color too! Kiah

  2. Oh yes, as far as poses, my daughter (photographer) just says momma do this and I do it and she snaps! LOL Kiah

  3. Sorry about your Camel pose experience!

    I haven't had knee issues with it because I can't stay in that mode very well. Anytime I lay my feet out flat I get a cramp in the arch, and that ends it.

  4. Hi Debbi - this is SUCH a beautiful necklace! Love your nails too! Poses... tricky one - I too think they always feel unnatural, but I think the best one is hands on hips and weight on one leg (as you have here) - can't go wrong. Shoot lots of poses and see what works best for you (I think Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style always poses really well)!

    Catherine x

  5. Sorry about your injury, Debbi. Feel better soon! I love that new necklace, and your blue manicure too - very cool. (Catherine, thanks for your kind words). Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  6. I am so impressed you were doing yoga and so sorry you got injured...take care of yourself!! This necklace is so cute and so you!! I love the total look! (There are alot of "so s" here...but I do mean each one!!

  7. That necklace is so cool. Very unique and inspired.

    As for posing - It still doesn't feel natural posing. My poses LOOK more natural (sometimes), but it's just a matter of figuring out how you were holding your body when it looked most natural in photos and repeat that.

  8. Cutest shoes eva! I remember all thos pins from the sixties--I think. flower Power!

    I do yoga and Have gotten many injuries--surprisingly. Here's hoping a quick recovery!

  9. I am always impressed with your wonderful gems, I'm in love with your jacket as well, such beautiful colors ... illuminates the whole picture you with those beautiful colors!

  10. Ouch your knee! Hope it heals up soon. Great jacket - it's such a lovely positive shade of blue. And I love that bright colourful necklace. Yeah - the blogger posing thing - I usually feel like a bit of a dope posing for photos - the more photos you take trying to look natural the more looking natural seems to actually be quite a highly elusive state.

  11. Hope the knee is feeling better by now. I love the necklace, especially against that crisp white shirt and the shoes look so comfy. How many photos do you take during a session? If you can recruit your husband, and forget that you are actually posing for a bit, you might chance onto a pose that is all your own. My daughters have laughed that I'm often looking over my left shoulder...and that is because there is a mirror on that wall!

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon. At least you don't have snow to contend with!
    Thanks for your sweet comments. Comments really do make me smile!
    I love the necklace. I have a few vintage pins and should try to do something with them.
    New trending link up is active.
    Stop by and say hi!

  13. Hi Debbie! Hope you get to feel better soon. I, too, love your accessories and your perfect nails.
    I think most of us feel the same way about posing for pics...after all, we're not models...just good ol' gals having fun and sharing our loves.
    Have a great week!

  14. Posing felt so artificial to me until I practised in front of a mirror. I just kept doing it till I got a good pose down right.

  15. I feel like it's really, really hard to pose and I never know what to do. I might have to try Sheila's suggestion about practicing in front of a mirror. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  16. Hope that you heal soon from your injury and are back to yoga soon. The red shoes are gorgeous!

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee injury. So frustrating when we hurt ourselves trying to stay fit! Hope you're soon on the mend. As for the posing, as other commenters have said, it does get easier -- as well, since you're using a digital camera, take way more shots than you think you need and just play around a bit.
    Such wonderful deep rich reds in this outfit, especially your shoes, and I like the contrast with the crisp white shirt, the dark jeans.

  18. I second everything materfamilias said and want to add that your necklace is so darling! What a fantastic idea and so colorful. What a fun find!

  19. I'm so sorry you got injured and hope you are healed up soon. I just watched a news segment last night on yoga injuries!
    Those shoes are darling. These colors are very visible indeed. Love the whole outfit.

  20. Gorgeous accessories!

    I agree about the posing--especially with what Meagan said. I think we're all fairly new at being "models." But I think it's so good for us to see what other women are wearing--REAL women. it's opened up new horizons for me!

    I personally don't care if someone doesn't look like a modeling pro. I just appreciate people sharing their style ideas!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  21. Debbi, what a FABULOUS necklace!!! I love the color, shapes and the fact it was made from vintage broaches, what a find my dear!

  22. That necklace is AWESOME!!!
    Hope your knee heals soon. Know what that is like--spent good portion of summer/early fall in a cast on my left knee (and a cast on my right wrist--face plant on sidewalk at work--I'm a KLUTZ)

  23. Debbie, thank you for dropping in and reading about Charlie the dog. If I had more time I would have kept him and worked with him but he was a constant. I was glad to hear that your dog was so lucky to have been found by you and that you had so much patience with him. Charlie went to a good place and I am happy about that. On a lighter note, your necklace is stunning. Vintage pins? I love it. You have great taste in jewelry and I love great accesories. Have a great day darling Debbie. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  24. That necklace is so very pretty! Debbi! Get some rest! I am so sorry to hear about your knee! That sounds very painful. I do hope you feel better soon!