Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter arrived today and a handbag giveaway from Fashion Chalet

First I would like to thank you all for your comments on my previous post about the unprofessional photographer. It means so much to me to read your words of support and encouragement. As a result of your suggestions, I am in the process of writing a letter to City Arts about my experience. There were no feedback forms to fill out after the class and I think I will suggest they should have them available. Feedback is important to anyone who wants to improve as an instructor and to any organization providing classes.

I wanted to share with you a fantastic handbag giveaway from Fashion Chalet. If you have ever admired Balenciaga handbags this might be your chance to win an Arena Giant City bag. I would dearly love to win this bag and would likely carry it the rest of my life. Please check out the post quickly as it ends tomorrow! While I would love to win it, I would also be thrilled if one of you won it.

Wow, it has gotten really cold today. What a change after a winter where the average temperature has been in the 50's. I had to go out today to exchange a nail polish that I had duplicated and wore this outfit without a coat over it when I started out at 11am. It progressively got colder and very, very windy. After I got the polish, I decided just to go back home since it was getting too cold to be out without an overcoat. 

I am not sure that I like this outfit now that I am seeing the pictures. It is hard to tell, but the jacket is a really pretty rich purple with velvet appliqued flowers. I am not sure the scarf looks as good as I thought it did when I put it on.
Jacket: Talbots
Lace Top: Von Maur
Jeans: FDJ
Scarf: from eBay
Boots; Thrifted

The scarf ring is actually one of those stretchy rings you see everywhere.

The scarf has a cut out and appears to be painted silk.

 Harry gets so excited when the camera comes out. He has gotten to be a real ham and insists on having his picture taken which makes me laugh. We both look silly in this picture.

When I worked, we always called Wednesday "hump day" because once you made it through Wednesday you were over the hump and it was downhill to the weekend.  I am just happy to have another day here on earth to enjoy. Happy Wednesday to you all.


  1. I had never thought of using a stretchy ring on a scarf! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I'm so glad you're writing a letter to City Arts!

    I like your outfit a LOT, the silk scarf plus scarf ring are so colorful and yummy. Oh hi Harry, you're a happy big boy, aren't you? : >

    1. Patti, He is the happiest boy ever. I think it is because he appreciates having a home where someone loves him.

  3. Such pretty colors in your outfit today. Your hammy pup is a hoot! Gorgeous bag...I'm not going to enter because I hope YOU win!!!

  4. Yeah, for fighting back. I suspect that the scarf is a great match with the jacket! The cut-outs in the scarf are nice.

  5. Writing a letter about your class is a great idea! And I'm loving the color of your nails here!

  6. Go you for informing the organization about the class. They need to know what's going on. Hopefully they will respond properly.

    I like the combination of the scarf and jacket, but I think you needed a different shade top. Maybe something in a yellow or pink? White and black are stark colors and can suck the life out of vibrant colors like turquoise or plum.

    Creative idea for the scarf ring!

  7. I like the scarf and the jacket. The leaves in the scarf echo the leaves in the jacket!
    I am SO copying your idea for the scarf ring!! I see those rings and think they are cute but way to big for my tiny hands!!

  8. That scarf is adorable! I love the shape of the edges! =)

  9. I'm a sucker for painted silk scarves! I think Megan makes a good point about the white top. I didn't imagine yellow, but pink seems good. Give'em a try!!

    Do you read the "Pioneer Woman" blog? She's got a section where she writes about photography. I suspect she does something to her photos to enhance the colors because she makes Oklahoma look a lot more attractive than I remember it being.

  10. It looks like Harry is laughing. Love it. Oh and you look pretty cute too!

  11. That scarf is divine.
    I own many scarf, but never know what to do with them, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Harry is so cute! And your scarf is just gorgeous!

  13. love the purple in your jacket and your nails!

  14. love, love your blog

    Annie v.

  15. Love that scarf; and you have a great eye. Maybe the pics dont do the combo justice. Sometimes it just looks different LIVE.
    Your dog is sooo cute! I love it he gets excited for the camera!

  16. Hi Debbie

    Love yor scarf! Yor dog is adorable
    About the photographer, not everyone knows how to teach, some people are so full of themselves
    Good that you are writing to the association


  17. The colors in your jacket and scarf are so pretty. And I am soooo going to do the ring as a scarf ring sometime.
    Ahhh, Harry. So glad you're including him in photos from time to time. I think it makes him happy.

  18. Great idea to write to the City Arts! That's standing up for yourself! You go, girl! Great idea about the stretchy ring. I stupidly bought one, and never wear it and didn't have a clue as to what to do with it! I think the leaves bring the jacket and the scarf together. Maybe pull one of the colors in the scarf out and wear that color on the bottom?

  19. what a gorgeous scarf! it really adds a wonderful pop to your outfit!

  20. Scarf great I also have a lot of them. For me winter snow and jacket is a must...I greet...

  21. Love the jacket & scarf; just stunning. And go, go girl with your letter to City Arts. We MUST take the action that might protect someone else; what a great & generous service for the next potential victim.