Thursday, November 3, 2011

Golden Thursday

First, I would like to thank you all for your kind comments yesterday. Your comments are always one of the highlights of my day. I truly appreciate the time you take from your day to comment. I know many of you have full time jobs and family to take care of, so it makes it that much more special to me that you take the time to comment.

Today I dug out a sweater that I purchased late this spring from Chico's. I had admired it for quite a long time and when they had a great sale I got it for around $20.00. There are tiny beads around the neck and front of the sweater. I wore it with a top I bought last year from Chico's, but I think I would really like to find a leopard or some other animal print top to wear with it. Amazingly, I do not have the right animal print top in my wardrobe.  I will have to keep my eye out for one on sale.  The gold top I am wearing is just a bit too long for this outfit, but I didn't get out of the house after yoga, so only you all and my husband saw it. No accessories since I was home alone. The dogs don't much care what I look like--they only worry about whether or not they will get their supper on time. Believe me, the dogs do know what time dinner is supposed to be served.
Sweater: Chico's
Top: Chico's
JMS Jeggings
Shoes: Pencey
If this were your sweater, what would you wear under it? I think it would be interesting to find out how others would style it.  I also thought of a turtleneck, but I didn't have any that looked right with it.


  1. Is that fur around the edges? I think a leopard print top would be perfect, but also something in a floral or ikat print could work. For some reason I think it needs a print top underneath.

    My dogs also know when mealtime is supposed to be, and give me the stink eye if they think I'm not hopping to it on time. ;-)

  2. I 'd probably wear a tank top in the same shade as the fur. It's a very soft and feminine look you have going.

    My cat Pepper know when it'd dinner time too!

    I have a you have someone taking your photo or do you have a tripod? I never have anyone home to take pics of my outfits and do not have a tripod or a timer.

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  4. Hi Debi, I forgot to tell you that I took your advice and bought jeggings at Walmart and I love them. They were so inexpensive that I ought two pairs. Wish we had winter so I could get some of the fabulous things like you are wearing. Thanks for the very sweet email.

  5. I love that sweater - and love that fact that you wore it for staying at home - just to look great for yourself and husband. (As you point out, our beloved creatures never give a hoot what we're wearing : >)

    I love the gold - so I might style the sweater with a gold print lightweight top, or leopard print, as Une Femme mentioned.

  6. What a gorgeous jacket! Love the fur around the edges. I'd probably pair it with royal blue or a deep red.

    My mom's cat do not know when it's dinner time. They start begging hours before hand! Little bullies.

  7. I echo une femme- a leopard or ikat print would work nice.
    And, I would try a lighter grey T/tank.
    This piece is charming.

  8. Wow! You're beautiful today ... is strange to see you without accessories, it's like a 'clean' image, I mean ... Like when you start to dress ... I do not know if this is well explained in your language, in any case, this is intended as a compliment ...

  9. I like the blouse. I'm fond of non-pastel colors with gray. I like that the hem extends beyond the sweater. It's elongating but not tight or clingy.

    The fur and the beading is already an accessory I'm not sure I'd add animal print to that.

    I might change the pants for dark gray or even black. The sweater and blouse are dressy so you could go with wool or a knit.