Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiger, tiger, Airedale haire & a date not forgotten.

When I saw this jacket in the Chico's catalog I wanted it so much but it was more than I wanted to pay.  This month in the Chico's catalog I received a 50% off coupon for the highest price item over $100.00, so I knew what I would get with it - my fierce tiger jacket. I have worn it twice now and received compliments on it. It really is a very stunning jacket.

Now as to the Airedale haire (haire as in hair, crazy Airedale people spell anything 'air' as "aire" and I am most definitely a crazy Airedale lady, times three.) When I got home today Harry decided that my pants should match my jacket and rubbed all over them. I ended up with quite a lot of his haire on my pants and couldn't find my lint roller, so I was covered in cat and dog today.

Jacket: Chico's
Ruffled blouse: Dillards
JMS Jeggings
Softspot boots

If you are older, November 22nd is a date that cannot be forgotten. On 11/22/1963, I was 11 years old and sitting in gym class at Westlawn Jr High when a teacher came in and announced that President Kennedy had been shot and killed. We were all horrified. Like 9/11, no one who experienced it will ever forget the day. It was rather like our innocence had been taken from us and nothing would ever be the same again. We sat glued to the television for days watching the events unfold and a funeral procession unlike any other than perhaps Princess Diana's. Most of you were probably too young to remember that day, but I will not forget and feel sad about how the world changed that day.


  1. Loving the fierce jacket, Debbi - animal prints are the best and this is fabulous :)

    I too remembered that it was the JFK anniversary today - I'm too young but I always remember my mum telling me her story of where she was when she heard the news. A sad day indeed.

    Catherine x

  2. You look great in this jacket...so glad you decided to buy it...I have been so tempted by that coupon but we are really low on income right now...we'll see if I resist!!
    I was in elementary school and will always remember the principal's announcement over the speaker...Our teacher screamed out and when I got home my mother was crying. You are right...we won't forget this day.

  3. That jacket is the CUTEST little jacket ever!!! Great find :)

  4. Love the jacket - Grr baby! So many possibilities with that. Dress up - Dress down - Wear with black - Wear with Red - Pretty much anything. You got your money's worth!

  5. Like you, I'll never forget that day. I was in third grade, and our Principal came into our room, crying, and sent us all home. My grandmother was sobbing in front of the TV set. I think the world changed a lot that day.

    You look smashing in your new jacket. Harry loves it too!

  6. Debbi, first of all....I LOVE this! You look like so chic in the blazer and jeans in boots. FABULOUS! Great deal on the blazer! I was born 3 years after Kennedy was killed, but for me it's 9/11. That was my "I remember where I was" moment. Happy Thanksgiving!! ~Serene

  7. I remember.
    Wow. What a spectacular jacket! You lucky girl~happy Thanksgiving!

  8. great tiger jacket. I'm super jealous, I know just the skirt i'd wear it with! hehehe I was too young for JFK but it's so amazing how these earth shattering events can freeze time in our minds.

  9. Oh! That jacket is the most glamorous piece I ever saw! So elegant and feline! Lovely! I was born a year after Kennedy died, but I can feel what you say with the attack on the Twin Towers, it's true! There is a before and after ..

  10. Fierce jacket Debbi! i love it, something i would wear! I do not remember John Kennedy's funeral but i do remember Robert Kennedy's - My mom and Dad watched it on TV, i remember my Mom cried, a very vivid souvenir!


  11. Our country will never forget what America has done for us during and after 2nd World War. So, we will always remember the anniversary of John F. Kennedy and 9/11.
    Love this tiger jacket and I'm wondering if you are showing us a Zebra...

  12. That jacket is gorgeous, really incredible. It definitely makes a statement.

    I'm too young to remember that, I feel old-young when I realize how young I was when 9/11 happened. I didn't understand at all what it meant then, but I knew it was important because everyone in my small school were centered around televisions. Even my PhysEd class.

  13. Oooh... I just want to pet your jacket! What fun!