Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I purchased a scarf I really love at Aspen Boutique. This Wednesday I wore it for the first time. I love the colors in it the middle is an orangey red and then it changes to a gray and then black at the ends of the scarf. It has a ruffled texture and it styles beautifully. Does it sound like I love it?

Sweater from 1/2 of 1/2 store
Blouse: Dillards
JMS Jegging
Scarf via Aspen Boutique
Shoes: Walking Cradles via Zappos

I have started painting my nails. I am not very good at it as I seem to go outside the lines a lot. Fortunately, the polish outside the nails seems to come off after a few hand washings. Today I am wearing OPI for Sephora Charge It. It is a gold color polish. I did buy some rather daring polishes-one a turquoise color. I am not really sure how to wear really different colors like that. Do you match them to your outfit? Do you make sure that they at least "go" with your outfit or does it matter at all? Any advice would be appreciated.

Not sure if this is clear or not, but you can kind of see the gold color.


  1. I wouldn't fuss too much about your polish matching, but it does look better if it at least *goes* in my opinion. But I don't paint my nails at all, and happily bite them off. I love your gold color, though, that will go with anything.

    The scarf is very lovely. I'd love a shot of it unfolded, it looks gorgeous. I love gradient effects.

  2. Love the gold nails! I think most any color is OK, if you feel it flatters your own skin tones. I experiment a lot, because it is temporary and inexpensive - so I say go ahead and try any color. You'll soon know what your favorites are.

    Your new scarf is so pretty, a fab color, and the red shoes pick it up perfectly.

  3. Gorgeous scarf! I love how you've styled it, keeping the rest of the outfit simple but pulling in the red with the shoes. Don't ask me about nail polish though, I'm hopeless. ;-)

  4. You know how I love scarves and that on is truly beautiful.
    I keep me nails lightly tipped in a off white and covered in clear. It seems to keep life simple. I usually keep them filed to a modest length since they are very hard and break way low. I have been letting them get a little longer and I will bring out the bright red for the holidays..........