Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifters Thursday

I swear I cannot believe how fast Thursday seems to come each week. Time flows so much faster as you get older. I never understood it when I was younger, but now it seems as though it passes with the speed of light.

Today's outfit is one I had planned so that I could link up with Tammy from Silverstyle for her Scarf Attack Trend posts. I am wearing thrifted loafers, but y'all have seen them before, so that is not my thrifted item for Spunky Chateau's Thursday is for Thrifters. This outfit is what I would definitely call classic--a blazer, white shirt, scarf, jeans, and loafers.
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Scarf: eBay
Jeggings: JMS
Loafers: Bass Thrifted
Mr Harry wanted his ears rubbed and to be in the picture.
Now for my thrifted item. This is one of the sweaters that I bought yesterday. It is a George ME Design by Mark Eisen for Walmart and has tiny gold threads through it. It reminds me of an oriental carpet pattern. I just love it and for $3.99, who could ask for more? I am sure it was not real expensive to start with, but it sure is pretty.

Sweater Thrifted
Blouse: Dillards
Please check out the Scarf Attack at Silverstyle and Thursday is for Thrifters at Spunky Chateau.


  1. The sweater and blouse is such a pretty combination.

  2. This is my favorite outfit of yours so far! Love look amazing!

  3. What a great outfit, perfect for rubbing doggie ears too. I love your scarf. I'm kind of a scarf fanatic these days so I notice scarves on other people first thing.

  4. Classic for sure - with Ralph Lauren, the king of classics! You look marvelous, love the scarf.

  5. I like your scarf, very versace. And it goes very well with your RL jacket and white shirt for a really classic look. You're such a cute and chic lady!


  6. Your scarf is gorgeous and I love anything Ralph Lauren. Just found a beautiful jacket by him that I need to post. Does yours have a pocket under the scarf at the top? Great deal on the cardi/ is so pretty. Dawn Suitcase vignettes xo

  7. The scarf looks great with that jacket!

  8. I love your scarf. The outfit is very classic in a good way. Love the loafers too!

    Hooray for doggie pictures! I love seeing blogger's pets.

    The sweater is lovely. I can't wait to see you wear it. It's super cute. And hey, if it is in good shape, $3.99 is a score! I thrift target stuff all the time. Sure it's target stuff, but it's still less than I would have paid at target.

  9. This is so classic and chic! I absolutely adore it and I love your blog! I will def be coming by more often!

  10. I love scarves because they can literally do anything and go anywhere. They are probably the most versatile accessory in my closet.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Love the cardigan! It's perfect for winter.

  12. That is a beautiful scarf and the cardigan is lovely too - I'm a sucker for intricate patterns like these.

  13. I love your blazer and your scarf! What a great thrifted sweater. So perfect to wear with any neutral. Hope you are well! Kiah

  14. It does have an oriental carpet look...beautiful! And I like your classic look! Love the dog in the photo. Don't you just love it when your animals want in on the action? I've had a few pet shots, too, with the cats and dog. Debbie

  15. Hi Debbi, I went thrifting on Thursday too, even though I didn't know I was supposed to (ha) I love that scarf and the way you tied it, very beautiful!

    Always Summer

  16. I, too, love the scarf. And the colors & patterns in the sweater. And, of course, the doggie! Congratulations on some great thrift store finds.

  17. Can I steal those loafers? They're so great! Also love how you have the scarf tied to the side and the coat!