Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainday Tuesday

It has been drizzling all day and a bit chilly. The only places I went to were to exercise and to a Walmart neighborhood market to buy groceries.

I think that I should've left the vintage fur collar off this jacket to make the scarf stand out a bit more. I really like a lot of contrast in colors for winter outfits. I am just not sure they work so well in pictures. It seems as though dark browns just end up looking more like a black holes that pulls the other colors into its dark matter. (I am a bit of a space geek.)

I have a lot of scarves that are just now coming out to play. I do love to wear them in the fall and winter, so this is the first of many that you will see this winter. I should've thought to take a picture of just the scarf so you could see the detail better.

Jacket: Chico's (There is a very subtle snake pattern on the jacket)
Blouse: Nygard-Dillards
Jeans: FDJ - Ann's Fashions
Boots: Thrifted
Scarf: eBay

This was a mistake photo, but it looked like a pose that some
style bloggers use, so I decided to include it for fun.

We had a bit of excitement over the weekend. There was an 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma that was felt here in Kansas. It was a bit frightening to have your house shaking and a roar like a jet plane right over your house. I have never experienced an earthquake, so while people who have been in California thought it was nothing, it was a real experience for someone who has never felt one. There was another smaller quake last night. I didn't feel it, but FarleyJoe seemed to have noticed it.


  1. Wow, I did not know the quake was felt in Kansas. That could be very frightening and just getting a little to close for comfort. You look great..I love fixing up to run errands!

  2. Did you know what the earthquake was while it was happening? I experienced an earthquake in 1983 when I was living out in the intermountain West, and it happened fairly early in the morning, while I was still asleep. I woke up to some sort of banging noise, cursed grumpily at whatever construction workers had started banging and rattling things so early, and then went back to sleep. Only later, when someone called and said, "Ohmygod ohmygod EARTHQUAKE!" did I realize.

  3. Hope all is well from the earthquake my dear - I heard some of my Kansas friends say the same thing. I love the jacket and the fur collar. So pretty.

  4. Your jacket is so, so rich and chic. And your incidental "looking down" pose does look very familiar : > The earthquake sounds quite frightening!

  5. We felt (very minor) shaking here awhile back when an earthquake occurred elsewhere. It was pretty freaky.

    Cute jacket :)

  6. Maybe the collar does detract from the scarf. I think the scarf could play a leading role all of it's own.

  7. Hey there! Thanks for the sweet email! I'm still around, just trying to get my creative juices flowing again! YOU, on the other hand, look FABULOUS! I'm loving the way you accessorize...with the scarves AND the fur collar! GORGEOUS! Big hug girly! ~Serene

  8. the earthquake sounds scary! You're a cute lady, I like your shots. The jacket has a very adorable fur collar. You co-ordinated well with your scarf. Silverstyle has a scarves link up now, go and have some fun!


  9. Gorgeous jacket, my dear Debbi.
    Thank you sooooooooo much for your kindness.

  10. I love the fur collar. I had to write to you, saw you asked about asos sizing- I am addicted.. if it doesn't fit just send it back FOR FREE :). I also work at a women's cancer foundation.. congratulations on beating the best! You are incredible.



  11. Oooh that jacket! It can hop in my closet asap. I keep looking for a good cognac leather/pleather jacket. The fur collar looks especially lush.

    Reading the comment by Sabrina, Asos does have a good return policy! I ordered two things from there. One I had to return and it was no trouble at all.

  12. Great outfit! And OK is just trying to catch up to us here in Virginia with our 5.9 back in August :p Actually that quake means Virginia now has a new fault so we might be in for more. Earthquakes in Virginia are like sandstorms in Maine (unheard of)

  13. I heard about the quake, glad to hear all is well. Living in Northern CA we expect them, but it's never fun.

  14. @Sue Sue, it took a few seconds, but since I already knew that Oklahoma had had earthquakes, it did not take too long to figure out. Also it was just such a strange feeling.