Monday, November 14, 2011

Visible Monday

Today is Visible Monday started by Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style. My VM outfit is one that you have seen part of before. The sweater is one I wore recently and asked for some feedback on how to style it. A few of you said leopard print so that is how I went.  I found an animal print top on sale at Chico's and I think it I like it better than how I originally styled it. I love the sweater; it is one of those pieces you could just wear and wear until everyone was sick of seeing you in it.

I went to Ann's Fashions for the French Dressing Jeans fit clinic. It was too busy, so I just bought some of the leggings that I knew fit (and got $10.00 off) but I did not win anything. Since I was unlucky, I decided to make someone else happy. Tomorrow, I will announce a giveaway for my followers. Stay tuned for that.

Sweater: Chico's
Top: Chico's
JMS Jegging
Shoes: Nine West

You can see the faux fur and bead detail on the sweater.
The shoes have sparkly studs on them and look more silvery in person.
Ally at Shybiker wrote a post Saturday about perfume. Although I cannot wear any scent now due to my asthma, back in the early 70's I found a perfume that I absolutely loved--Bakir by Germaine Monteil. It was only made for a couple of years. I had forgotten about it until Ally wrote the post. I spent a couple of hours trying to remember the name of it, then I started looking for information about it and found this quote:

"Bakir Perfume is dark and resinous with slight green floral tones on the opening. Very rich, with a woody oriental flavor. Dense and strong, ultra long lasting, but a scent that stays close to the skin and doesn't over project. Sultry and sexy. Not for the masses, only a few, very special women (and their men) will know how to appreciate the glory of Bakir...and have the style to wear it." Jeffrey Dame

I guess that is why it wasn't available for long, only very few women (special or strange, I am not sure which) liked it. It really stayed on for a long time and a little went a long way. The formula was purchased by Irma Shorell and Long Lost Perfumes makes it, although I understand it is not as long lasting as it was and some say doesn't smell the same. Probably because something in it can no longer be used. It was a nice memory to resurrect as I hadn't thought of it for years and yet the memory of the spicy scent was still in my mind. Did anyone else wear Bakir? Did you wear a perfume that brings back fond memories?

Please check out what all the visible and stylish ladies are wearing today at Visible Monday @ Not Dead Yet Style.

On a side note, I previewed this post and it looked fine, I published it and blogger seemed to have changed it. I have had experiences where my text gets jumbled, anyone else experience this?


  1. I do remember that perfume, although I didn't own it! It is the kind of scent I am drawn to - I hope it *is* still around. I can see why you adore that sweater, it is very "you", and it's fab with the leopard print.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Visible Monday!

  2. i do know that personal favorite is Champs Elysées de Guerlain, all floral scents- I love your shoes and i am a new follower, us ladies have to stick together - Ariane

  3. Oh my goodness, that look is SMASHING! I love everything about it, Debbi. The sweater is to die for, and I can't believe how chic the jeggings are with those shoes. Nice!

  4. I like your sparkly shoes and the necklace and the beading on the sweater caught my eye. I must be in a sparkly mood today.

  5. You look great...I love the way you styled this and I really like your shoes...great job!! You are a sweetheart...thanks for all your comments!

  6. Those are jeggings? I've got to get some of those! I am really liking the blouse and shoes too.

  7. Beautiful, Debbi!
    Try something rust/deep orange/rusty tan in a top--rust & gray are two colors I never really thought about until I saw them together in another blog (on your list) and they look great together! And also bring out the tan in the fur! :)

  8. I am in love with that sweater and those flats! Great look!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  9. Let's see, we have fur, animal print and glitz.....You go girl!

  10. From Visible Monday
    Your Jacket is so pretty. You look very polished and chic.

  11. You look great, and those flats are smashing! Swooning for the studded silver bits.

    That perfume sounds very intriguing. Though it would probably make me sneeze. "Spicy" smells are ones that hurt my nose worst of all.

    Cool water always makes me think of band class. I played flute and a friend sprayed her perfume all over the case on time. It smelled great, but the smell now makes me think of shiny silver flutes.

    I've had that happen a few times. Or publish not the latest update of a post (sometimes I pre-write part of a post and edit or remove it entirely). It's probably a glitch in blogger's newest "update".

  12. ohh that fur trim is SO HOT! I adore those shoes! gimme gimme!

  13. ohh... I love that cardi with the fur trimming, so lovely! Love it with your leopard top, and beautiful sparkly shoes. You look fabulous!

    I'm allergic to perfume so no perfume for me. Ha..


  14. Thank you, my gorgeous friend.

  15. Wunderbar!
    You are more than visible in that outfit.

  16. The shoes are a nice touch. Very feminine.

  17. I love that sweater -- I like the fur, it's furry without being overwhelmingly furry -- do you know what I mean? Just the right amount. I'd love to see it with a plain black shirt (and tucked in. I think it would emphasize the sweater then.)

  18. Debbi, I have so many pieces that I could wear constantly until people are tired of me wearing them too. And those jeans look *so* great on you. I love the seams down the front of some of your jeans. Makes you look so tall.

  19. Those shoes are fantastic! I love the mixture of different elements in this outfit :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired
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  20. I really love your necklace and those sparkly shoes!

  21. I like the fur trim on your cardigan. Makes it special, festive and seasonal!

  22. i love your blog! its so inspiring, and those flats are to die for! such a fun outfit :)