Friday, November 18, 2011

The winner is... ...

I put all the names in my new hat and had my husband draw a name. The winner is Paula Luta of FashionOverFifty. Congratulations Paula, please contact me at with your mailing information.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I wish I could've given all of you a prize. I want to have another giveaway when I have 100 followers, so you will have another chance to win something. The next giveaway will be a piece of jewelry.

Yesterday I bought some different false eyelashes. I have not successfully applied them to both eyes yet. I just cannot seem to get them applied correctly. I bought a tool that is supposed to help so I'll be trying again. I have short, light colored eyelashes and with my deep set eyes my eyes just almost disappear. A year or so ago I tried Latisse. It did help my lashes while I used it but when I stopped they went back to normal. I ended up with hairs growing where my lashes touch my eye socket. That is not where you want hairs to grow and now I have to do even more plucking which is not my favorite thing to do. I am determined to figure out how to apply the false lashes. I will let you all know if I am successful. Do you have naturally long eyelashes? Have you ever tried Latisse or any other product that is supposed to help your lashes grow?

Again, thank you all for entering the giveaway.


  1. Congrats to Paula! I have *never* mastered false lashes either, and likely never will. But I do use a generic version of Latisse, and it has made my lashes longer and darker. Nothing really dramatic, but a nice improvement. I haven't had any unwanted hairs sprout up (yet!).

  2. Congrats to Paula! I do love jewelry so I'll just have to try again the next giveaway. I'm lucky to have long eyelashes so I've never had to use the false ones. I know they do eyelash extensions now that last a couple weeks - a friend of mine had them done for a wedding. I guess that's always an option for special occasions. I hope you post some before and after pics!

  3. Yeah for Paula...a wonderful recipient for this prize!! Congratulations to her!!

  4. Damn! The only thing I ever win is the ugly centerpiece at a shower!
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. I wear falsies often and there's a trick I learned that helps a lot.

    Cut the lashes in half with a small scissor and put them on one-half at a time. They are easier to manage that way (the longer strips are unwieldy). If your eyes curve like mine, they sit better than trying to bend a longer strip.

  6. I am hopeless with false eyelashes so I use an eyeliner pencil and draw a very skinny line right on the lash line. It helps make my eyes stand out.

    Congratulations to Paula!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hooray for Paula! Thanks for running such a fun contest. (I was tempted to enter but decided not to since I just won a prize elsewhere. We need to share the wealth!)

    If I tried to wear false eyelashes, they'd probably wind up stuck to my eyebrows.

  8. Debbie, you can wear whatever you want. And I will welcome you with open arms. But before you say what you don't have shop your closet. A dress is actually a tunic in hiding! Over your jeggings with with a jacket or the sweater you were talking about.......walk on the wild side my friend!

  9. Congrats to Paula!

    As for lashes, I have extremely thick black lashes (that hate mascara). I'm more prone to scratching at them/plucking itchy ones out. A bad habit I've mostly broken.

    I used to wear falsies for different costumes over the years, I never had much trouble with them to be honest, but I have large curving eyes. I have no good tips for make up as I'm usually hit or miss myself. Goodluck though! The most repeated advice I've heard though is to cut them in half and only use them on your outer eye. It can make them less overwhelming for a natural look.

  10. Hi Debi,

    I have never in my life worn false eyelashes, but I remember my Mom sitting at the kitchen table to put them on to go out. I did recently buy a set to experiment with, but I am the butt of quite a few fashion jokes around I am reluctant to try them out. Maybe I'll see how you

  11. Congratulations to the brilliant winner! False eyelashes .... mmm I tried this once, never again .... I gave false eyelashes look like a scary doll in a bad horror movie ... simply hilarious ...