Friday, September 9, 2011

Animal print outfit and rain, rain, beautiful rain

On Thursday and Friday mornings I have a yoga class that I love. My teachers are very challenging. Today was a challenge as we worked on opening our hip area. The instructor said that this will help as we grow older to keep us from getting all stooped over. I definitely don't want to be stooped over a walker and shuffling along. My Mother walks so slowly and with difficulty. I want to do everything I can to make myself stronger as I age. When you are younger, you take physical health for granted and old age is so far in the future that it is not thought about.

Today's outfit is a simple one, but it looks nice enough for running a few errands.  My bit of good news for today is that the coat that I purchased at the Salvation Army came back from the cleaners in perfect shape. The bad news is that it cost almost as much to have it cleaned as it did to purchase it. It is still a fairly inexpensive coat that is beautiful.

Jacket: Chico's
Top: Catherines
Twill leggings: JMS Walmart
Sandals: Think! Julia

Necklace: Chico's
Bracelet on Left Chico's
On Right: Michele Watch at top all others Chico's
I went to an estate sale today and purchased 3 old patterns. 2 were for poncho/capes and one for aprons. I also got a couple of books on sewing. I hope to do a bit of sewing this winter and the patterns looked to be easy ones. I also got a whole bag of ties for $2. I now have to figure out some things to do with them. I have some ideas, so sometime in the future you may see the results.

The really great news is that we finally got a little bit of rain. It was so nice to see rain again as it has been so very dry here. I know Texas and Oklahoma also need rain badly.  It's been a long, hot, dry summer. I am certainly looking forward to fall this year.  Ah! I just heard some thunder. Hopefully that means more rain and not a bad storm. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. We got a few drops of rain today ourselves. In a consignment shop in our area, I have seen old ties made into interesting rosettes that make nice statement pieces. I'm curious to know what yoga postures she's teaching to open up the hips. I notice that mine are stiff at awkward moments!

  2. Oh, so happy to hear about the rain. By the time we get some again, probably in late October or early November, I'll be good and ready for it.

    The Chico's necklace is great, and works so well with the jacket.

  3. I love the jacket and necklace. Can't believe how "dressed up" you get to run errands! I will have to rethink my own appearance.

  4. Love the jacket and necklace, Debbi! It's wonderful that you do yoga, I do some too, b/c flexibility is sooooo important as we age.

  5. You look great in that outfit. Also read your previous post about necklases as bracelets...I will have to try that.

  6. Beautiful! And don't worry about the irony of the higher cleaning costs - still a bargain all around.

    Your comments about yoga resonate with me. Stretching is my savior after a bout of debilitating lower back pain this summer. And guess what? I think tight, immobile hip flexors were a major contributing factor. (Along with tight hamstrings).

  7. I love yoga too and I love your jacket!

    Hope you get the rain you need; we are saturated here.

  8. Of course I am jealous of your rain..we are in such desparate need...there have been local fires every day this week and we are suppose to go back to triple digit heat this week.
    But the good new is that you look great for running errands. I love to fix up for errands. People treat me better in the stores. I know that frustrates some, but I just feel better when I take the time to fix up even if it is just errand running.

  9. Hurray for animal print! I love it. Also thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  10. Was it Pigeon? That's what my Yoga teacher is usually referring to when she talks about opening up the hips. I feel like she leaves us in that pose twice as long as any other and it's torture.

  11. Congrats on the great finds. Can't wait to see what you do with the ties.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jacket. That black & white combo looks fantastic on you.