Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't wear tiny vertical stripes or your pictures will look far out!

Today, I wore a white shirt with tiny vertical black stripes. Wow, the pictures came out crazy. Only one was even half way decent. The rest looked like I was wearing some sort of psychedelic moire fabric.
I didn't go anywhere today, so my outfit was very simply a shirt and jeggings.

Shirt: Dillards
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
 Yesterday, I tried on some Not Your Daughters Jeans. I was impressed with the fit, but not the price. They did look good and I haven't seen any dark brown jeans before that I liked. I want to think about it a couple of days before deciding about them. Have any of you ever worn any NYDJ's? What did you think of them.

Today's advice from the McCall's Sewing book is about what to wear to sporting events. Since this is football season, I thought it would be timely.
"For Sports:
Sportswear in our modern sense covers both clothes for sporting events and casual clothes in general. Naturally, participating in special sports requires special costumes. What you need for golf is wrong for tennis. As a spectator at sports events, choose comfortable, sturdy-looking  clothes. Separates, simple dresses and classic suits are always appropriate."
Did women in the 60's really wear suits to football games? I remember that as a student, the only time we really dressed up for football games was for homecoming.  And what the heck are "sturdy looking" clothes?  From crowd photos I have seen lately, hardly anyone wears very nice clothes to sporting events.  Do you attend sporting events and if so, what sturdy-looking clothing do you wear?


  1. Next time, try uploading and resizing your photos. Sometimes the thumbnails of striped photos can look bizarre. I have that happen a bunch, but it seems to fix it with resizing.

    I've haven't tried any NYDJ, but since I thrift pretty much all my jeans - I'm not really up on shopping retail lines for them. I have seen lots of advertisements for them though.

    I tend to think of 'sturdy' clothing as something I'd be fine accidentally getting dirty or stained, but also comfortable. I don't know about suits to sporting events, most people I know tend to wear team shirts. I don't go to sporting events, myself, but I was a cheerleader in middle school (so weird to even think about!). I remember our uniforms were made out of very thick, but elastic material.

  2. I have a pair of NYDJ and like them, but don't love them. They hold my stomach in at the expense of my midriff, where all the fat is pushed up, spilling over the waistband. The color has stayed good, but the fabric has puckered a bit, which wouldn't matter if I wore them skin tight, which I don't. Chico's jeans were much better, when they had the W-fit, (for those of us with a larger waistline), and they were cheaper. The best thing about my NYDJ's is that they were made in the USA, which is a big plus for me.
    The Summer baseball game I went to in Tulsa was very casual, but the women wore really pretty clothes, with make-up and jewelry. No suits, but 100+ degree weather doesn't lend itself to suit wearing. Don't know about Winter sports wear, yet.

  3. I see these jeans all the time but I have never tried a pair on. I will have to try them. I wear jeans and usually a tee of the team I am rooting for! Very casual! lol Kiah

  4. LOL @ "classic suits are always appropriate" yah right!!!

  5. Sturdy clothes for sturdy women? Not!
    Hey, back to your comment. I can't believe the queen of accessorizing doesn't have a polka dot scarf! Oh, the disappointment you have brought me!
    Please try to find something. I really want to make this work.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Debbi, that book is making me laugh out loud. But I guess men also dressed up more in the 60's for sporting events - I have seen photos of men in suits and hats at baseball games in the early 60's. Now it would be a costume!

  7. I've always thought "sportswear" was a really odd term for the type of clothing it is. I think people did used to dress up more (pre-60's) for baseball games and such, but they dressed up more for pretty much everything.

    I'm a big fan of NYDJ jeans, and to me, they're well worth the price. They do hold up quite well in my experience. Turn inside out to wash, cold water, warm (not hot) dryer.

  8. Hi Debbi, I have never tried the NYDJ, mainly because they are expensive, and they look a little high waisted. If you do have second thoughts and buy them I would be interested in what you think.

    I am checking out your jeggings. I bought a pair at kohls but they had a zip front and they were too tight (even though I went 2 sizes up!) My daughters think I am too old (HAH!) so I am going to Walmart and check yours out. If they can wear jeans that are more hole that material, I think I can wear jeggings!

    My daughter plays soccer, has played since she was 6 years old (she is now a senior in high school) Here in South Fl. it is a Mom beauty contest! Can you believe it? At first I didn't buy into it because I thought it was ridiculous, but then I have to talk to these people, so I sould myself out and started to dress up too. How weird....

  9. I read a blog that spotlights politicians style choices. Striped items are 1 on the no-no list for television appearances. You aren't supposed to make your viewers motion sick!

    NYDJ jeans are not for me. They were too tight. I am a size 12 in almost every brand of jeans I try on. No way was I going to pay that much for a pair of pants AND move up a size!

    Take a couple of days and try pants on elsewhere. I think it is worth it to buy clothes that fit well and look good. If you still think they're the best then go ahead and get them with no regrets. Look good = Feel good.

  10. Gah, I have a memory of going to homecoming at the University of Missouri and sitting in the Alpha Delta Pi section, dressed in my rust and gray suit. It was sweltering, but I was dressed correctly. That would have been the early 70s.

  11. I'm glad that I'm not the only who takes barefoot pictures!