Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New trends & camera predicaments

Today, as we were taking photos, the camera went dead.  Then when I attempted to use a new tool to try to download from the memory card, it wouldn't work. Well, the computer has this slot for memory cards, so I tried to put the card in the slot. It obviously was not meant for the memory card I have as the card got stuck. I tried to get it out--took the computer apart, tried to use tweezers,  tried using a wire to get it out. No go. I finally tried putting a thin bladed knife in the slot and then turned the computer upside down. Yay, it fell out. Husband  put the battery for the camera in the charger--the wrong way! I just went to get it and discovered it did not charge. ARGH! No outfit photo today.

In the latest WhoWhatWear Accessory spotlight, white shoes are featured. My favorite was the Isabel Marant fringe boot. While I might love to have them, they are more than a bit out of my price range.

Source WhoWhatWear

I found a source for white 1960's style boots at Klassic Line, a vintage clothing store. Sorry I cannot post the picture as it is copyrighted, but the boots can be seen here.

As I was searching websites to try to find some less expensive alternatives which I could not find, I realized that some trends are not going to be mainstream for a while. I have seen a couple of the fringed white boots, but both are expensive and only available in the larger cities.

Recently, I wanted to participate in Tammy's Trending through the decades - Polka dots. I could not find polka dots anywhere. Sales clerks looked at me like I was nuts wanting it. Maybe next year we will have polka dots.

Living in the middle of the US, we do not have a lot of the high end department, trendy stores, or boutiques that the east and west coasts have. There's no store here that sells the high end designers like Isabel Marant, Chloe, or Chanel. The closest place for that is most likely Kansas City. No Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, JCrew, Zara, or H&M. We have Dillards, Kohl's, JC Penney, Chico's, Coldwater Creek, and Ann Taylor. Buying online is an alternative, but shipping gets expensive if the item doesn't fit. (I recently spent $26.00 to send back 2 packages.)

The only way we can participate in some of the trendy big city looks is to attempt to copy the look using locally available merchandise. Perhaps that is a better way because it encourages creativity.

For those of you who live in smaller cities, how do you cope when you want something like what you see in a magazine, only at an affordable price?


  1. Lovely white boots! I only wish I weren't so hard on my shoes, otherwise I'd already own a pair.

    I'm not in the middle or either north or south of the east coast so we're also in a bit of a dead spot. We had "Off Saks" and stores like that, but even if I could afford those clothes in magazines I'm not really drawn to them.

    I buy a lot online (usually shoes) and thrift. I've found way more interesting things in my thrift stores than I've ever found in a retail shop. My favorite pieces of clothing are often thrifted. Or All Saints, but they nicely have free shipping. Not sure about both ways, but I look for companies like endless that do offer both way free shipping.

  2. We all have days where technical difficulties get in the way of all our efforts to put up outfit posts! When I want something affordable but trendy I usually either hope to find it in thrift stores or look through clearance racks!

  3. Awesome fringed boots. LOVE THEM. The crazier, the better.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I am impressed and proud of your persistence in fixing your technology, Debbi! Way to go. There are no trendy stores around here, at least not for an hour's ride. I usually have to wait until the trends are a a year old, then I can find them. : )

    Love those fringed boots.

  5. Oh boy- I love in a tiny little town and there are few fashion options here as well.
    I have never really been much of a fashion girl.. but that's going to change! ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Hi Debbi, sorry to hear about your technology problem. My camera needs a new charger, my daughter is letting me use her camera but she lost her USB cord, so she transfers them from her camera to another camera and then to my computer-AGGGHHHH! I don't even understand it,but she gets my pictures.

    Can't say anything about living in a small town as I live in the suburbs between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. However, I usually can't afford anything in the high-end stores, Target is still my favorite!

  7. Your blog is getting fantastic, and your photos so much bigger and better.

  8. Sorry for the mishap with your camera, I hope everything is resolved soon, I love your outfits to see all these wonderful accessories you use. Well, the final question is good for me, obviously ... Brand own nothing in my wardrobe and I was never a fan of any fashion company, I decide my own fashion ... which is very good for my economy, heh, heh,

  9. @Patti I think I get some of my fix it tendencies from my Grandfather. I think his motto was to hit it with a bigger hammer! I was determined to get that memory card out.

  10. @Rosy Rosy, If I were as talented as you, I would only wear things I made. I am going to try to learn to sew, but I know I will never have the talent you have.

  11. I wouldn't fret about the missing JCrew/Anthropologie/Zara/H&M. If they aren't overpriced then they're designed for 20 y/o girls with no hips!